#Humpdayknitting Pt.2

Hello Knit Friends,

#Humpdayknitting formerly known as Wednesday is finally upon us. ICE CREAM + NEW LOC Librarian + FABULOUS KNITTING = HUMPDAYKNITTING!!! While being under the weather this weekend,  my wife took care of me by introducing me to a “new-to-me” favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream >> Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch. It is coffee ice cream (chocolate too), fudge-covered toffee pieces. IT is sooooo good.

Today is also amazing because President Obama’s nomination for our newest Librarian of Congress is an ‘actual librarian’ and has had many years of experience working for large urban library systems. I have yet to meet her, but I already feel I’ve directly benefited from her leadership because of my regular usage of Baltimore city and county library systems.

History today

Next is a list of beautiful #knitworthy found on my IG feed. Feel free to find me @fierybug08



Everyone knows I’m a sucker for stripes & rainbows. This sock was made with lovely Tanis Fiber Arts yarn and  I am determined to try out by the end of the year.



Lastly, I discovered this lovely sock made by a fellow knitter friend. The lovely sock called Tennarisukka designed by Taina Anttila on Ravelry. It was original made for 1 yarn color, but my knit friend has wonderful color work artistry. She’s used 1 solid (gold) and 1 variegated color. I super excited to see them done. Her grandchildren will definitely be the talk of the yard. Knit friends, what’s on your needles? What yarn has you salivating?



Raspberry March


Hi Knit Friends,

I had an enjoyable weekend. The craziness of Springing forward in which I will be a crabby bear tomorrow morning. I will need 3 cups of coffee for sure.

I spent my cold, rainy weekend making food runs and knitting. My spouse was against going outside because it was cold. I swear I thought I was the ‘delicate flower’ of our relationship (smiles). We both are ruled by the weather. I’ll keep trying to make her into a knitter, but I’d have better luck with the cats. Speaking of cats…my Pumpkin (AKA Punky) did a nice job posing. Both furry boys have done well mending from neutering surgery only 2 weeks ago.



I’ve put my Lilli Pilli Shawl in the backseat (literally) of my car as I will get some coaching later this week. I’m not too trilled about my color choices. The grey seems to dull the rest of the pallette. I can’t see myself getting through the lace. I’ve found a sweet orange to lighten the shawl (future pics next time)


I guess my knitting mojo came back. I found my new sock project on Addicted to Sock Knitting magazine. Wanderer Sock by Mariah Giles. My love for socks are endless especially since each time I make a sock I learn a new technique. What’s on your needles friends?

Indie Designer Blitz

Hi Knitting Friends,

It’s been awhile. October wasn’t the best month, but somehow I managed to get through it. I started job hunting two months ago. Three interviews later for three different positions– now I’m on my way to an ‘in-person’ interview. I am fighting to stay optimistic. I know that I want to see some changes in 2016. The holidays are a week away and my favorite time of year is just starting.

Indie Design GAL 2015

Last year was my first year supporting Indie Designer knit/crochet handmade wear . I enjoyed shopping for patterns at a small discount and participating in scavenger hunts. This is Ravelry’s chance to introduce you to over 400 designers and there is much to see. Here are the rules on how to label/tag your projects. I’ll probably stop by soon to share what I hope to knit during this time.

The fun doesn’t start until Thursday, November 19th @ 8pm EST. The large KAL2015 (insert garment type) runs from 11:59pm US EST on Thursday, December 31. Projects made before this are not eligible for the GAL.

So this is a great idea for purchasing items for knitting friends/family members. I used my Ravelry Favorite bundle (tagged as GAL2015) to tag items that I want to purchase in the future.What’s in your pattern gift bag? FYI…for tech savvy crafters– Pinterest will also have boards specifically for the Indie Design GAL (coming soon).



The Love Your Blog Challenge

Interactions and Community  image Hi Knitting Friends, I started reading a blog about Susan B. Anderson, a sock knitting celebrity on A Playful Day blog written by Kate. She (Kate) has created a new challenge to motivate crafters to fall back in love with their blog. I will honest that there have been times in the past where I have been ‘ghost’ with blogging. Not because I hated my blog, but because I didn’t feel like I had anything of significance to write about.

Luckily, Jenna (KnitHardLife) shared her 100 Reasons to Love to Blog. It has inspired me and I decided to join with others. I need to develop more virtual friendships and who doesn’t like to see notes from lovely crafters from time to time. For the past 3 months, I have been diligent and posted at least 5 different times. Looking back on my post, I am proud to say that I am watching my knit journey with satisfaction.

On Kate’s blog she gives several suggestions on how to engage readers and avoiding copying the same content on various social media platforms. How do I engage my readers? This past year I have tried to change my writing voice as if I am speaking to an audience. I try to create a friendly atmosphere. I have finally ended my statistics obsession. My focus for blogging is to capture my knitting journey rather than gain popularity. I have made several virtual friendship through blogging and I count it as a bonus. What are ways that you choose to engage with the blogging community? What pearls of wisdom can you share about creating seamless virtual dialogue in the crafting community?

Additional Notes:

Love Your Blog Challenge-a Rav forum group in aplayfulday Podcast

Wordy Wednesday

Hello Knitting Friends,

This is supposed to be a ‘Wordless Wednesday’, but I can’t be trusted. I failed this past weekend on making an effort on my socks. Apparently I have chosen a challenging pattern as my first ‘real sock’ using fingering/sock weight yarn. Two things happened– 1. I got stuck on the weird instruction verbiage   And 2. I lost a DPN this morning in the train (serves me right knitting at 6 am). So here is the phone of my two socks not created at the same time.