Still here… amongst #knitters

Hi Knit Friends, 

Special thanks goes out to my LYS friends whose presence was an antidote for my grief. I remember studying Elizabeth Kúber Ross in undergrad. I wasn’t interested in what she thought then, but now it makes some sort of sense. The stages of grief. I’m still angry and resentful. I truly to be myself, but the loss of my uncle who was my shining light isn’t physically here with me. Advice for grief that isn’t helpful… “It gets better with time”. This makes me angry. For the bereaved time is like poison. I’m still not myself, but made it a point to be around others for the sake of having normalcy. 


I haven’t done too much. I want to finish this test knit that is beyond due. A dear knit friend showed me a fabulous hat batter with chunky yarn. It’s mean green for a dear friend. I working on another Kate Davies hat and bought some fabulous colors from Tempting Ewe Yarns. 


Knit Gift-along 2016

Hi Knit Friends,

Today I am trying to find ways to be grateful. It’s still hard to believe that my uncle is no longer with me. Last night, I watched the football game in his honor- quite fitting that the Raiders managed to beat Houston. No surprise to my uncle as I’m sure he probably had his hands in making it happen. Or maybe it’s the kid in my that has yet to let him go.

The last two years I have participated in Ravelry’s Giftalong. It a tradition that I hold to as I love to support small businesses. Each year over 300+ designers get together and select several items to sale at a discounted rate. I am doing my part in sharing this wonderful opportunity to all my knit friends


Here is the direct link for over 300+ designers participating in Indie Gift-along

Here is the link that I used to craft my collage: Collage Maker: Be Funky

Below is a lovely selection that I have chosen to purchase.


Passport Mitts Check This Out! Hat Birdcage
Skookum (hat) Free space Tacit (mitts)
Compass Shawl Luicida (hat) After Party (blanket)


 **this list reads from left to right. here’s a list of details for the Indie Design Knitalong. Discount (up to 25% off) designs begin today Nov 22,2016 to Nov 30, 2016. 

Friends what are you making for the holidays? 





Almost Rhinebeck

Hi Knit Friends,

For a whole day last week I made plans to attend Rhinebeck. It was the best 24 hours, but unfortunately my riding mate had to cancel. No stress on me as I had plenty to do around the house. I’m prepping for my trip home next weekend and hope to finish a pair of belated bday socks. I was lucky to have a foot model at my LYS. She was a size 8 and the intended recipient is a size 8.5. 

This is called Patio Sock and I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks. I love how the pattern is so easy to memorize and it’s not as crazy hard as it looks. I used some delicious Dragonfly Fibers Tardis colorway. 

I also made a tasty dinner to celebrate a new job. I received an offer and now I am working on the logistics. Broiled salmon and a mixed green salad is a quick meal to make.

This morning we tried a new brunch place. Iron Rooster in Baltimore has gotten several awesome reviews from open table so I decided to try it out. I’d definitely suggest to make reservations before coming. We went “early” at 9:30am and was able to get a reasonable wait time of 35 mins. We order Monkey Bread with Rum infused maple syrup with cinnamon raisin bread. The raisins were saturated with rum. The photo shows it in mid-consumption. 

I had fun following several IG buddies who attended Rhinebeck. Here are some beautiful things I’ve seen in my feed. The left corner of each picture denotes photo credit.

The Coddle Cowl by Claire Walls. 

Lisa Hannes design Optimist using Malabrigo sock. I’d rework the color palette. I like yellows and orange. I’m trying to get my local friends to make it with me.

Sweet Eddie got a haircut and he smells so wonderful. I felt really bad leaving him to get groomed, but he had a good report. He doesn’t like the bath and blow dryer bit, but who does? 

I ended the day with a yummy dinner. My first attempt at stir fry, but it ended up as boiled meat and veggies. I’m sure it will get better second time around. 

Friends, what’s on your needles? Did you see a beautiful habdmade item at the festival? Any new yarn purchases at Rhinebeck? 

Cure for Knitting Blues

Hi knit friends,

After a good birthday week, I feel like I am crawling to the bitter end of this week. I left work a couple of hours earlier today for some R&R. Date night at a local spot seemed to be the cure. I mostly called date nite when i feel like my life is going on autopilot. My wife and I enjoy eating especially if we arent cooking.


What a wonderful Ahi Tuna salad with wasabi salad dressing. I had boring Fish & Chips, but the company was entertaining. We also managed to save room for dessert by packing up half the dinner.


I had half of the chocoloate topped cheesecake. I’m not fond of chocolate desserts, but my wife loves rich chocolate. I’ve officially banned chocolate from the house because she’d probably just try to live off of it alone.

My knitting blues has me in my feelings. I completely screwed up in the Tour de Sock competition and I feel bad about it. Im not a fan of failure or not being able to resolve my knitting problem with the week 1 sock. Knitting feels like a puzzle. The twist and turns of stitches is my meditation. There is beauty in the configuration of stitches. Knitting is like the Symphony of crafts. The bright smile at finishing a project gives me peace. My plan is to continue to sulk and maybe try a brand new sock pattern without amy attachments to a competition. I do my best knitting without having a KAL or potential prize looming over my head. Below are two photos from IG that is distracting my knit blues feelings.


The sock above i found on IG and I think its a Cookie A pattern. And I’m also stalking admiring Hunter Hammersen’s new sock reveals. Looking at Hunter’s parterns always inspire me. Last week she had some fabulous sneak peak of a WIP design. Love love her design sense.


Its projects like this that makes me happy. A beautiful project I plan to make for my friend. I’m new to cables and Hunter has a dazzling fresh pattern to tickle my fancy…now to run to my stash and grab some coffee.


Thank You Santa

Hi Knitting Friends,

Today I am most excited to share my newest book acquisition. Created by my newest sock knit designer crush Hunter Hammersen .


This blog post will have been published a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving. I can thank my new book discovery from my IG friend ‘Katie’. I try to share good knitting news with folks with the most amount of personal anonymity because it more about the process and less about the details of who says what.  Plus who can get over something so fantastic as stylishly knit socks.

Knowledge of what was Sensible socks
(c) Hunter Hammersen                Knowledge of what was sensible sock


I’ve never really considered myself a fashionista. I dress or create designs that make me feel comfortable. The older I become, I realize that my preferred styles have changed or I own more blues/oranges and even pick up the occasional fushia. I despise pink so I forewarn all my knitting friends to punch me if I show up with pink yarn.

Knitting friends, what are you asking Santa or knitting faeries to bring you? Is there a skein of yarn you are itching to buy or a pattern that has worn a hole in your pocket?

2015 Year of Projects

Year of ProjectsHi Knitting Friends,

I was minding my business during lunch when I stumbled upon a new-to-me forum called ‘A Year of Projects’ in Ravelry. For those knit friends who haven’t heard Ravelry is an online digital platform with social media tools to help you organize your craft notes, store photos, purchase yarn and patterns. It is the end all be all for crafters. I can’t even image what my life would be like if Ravelry hadn’t been created. I am all about staying active on the blogosphere and have met several people through our shared interest in yarn and knitting. I feel optimistic about 2015 as the year for many new things– new commitments, friendships, and maintaining personal wellness.

Here are my knitting goals more in depth:

Complete WIPs:

  1. Khuno Cowl by Tanis Gray
  2. So Faux Cowl by Amy Keefer
  3. Elwood by Jenny Wiebe
  4. Fantoosh! by Kate Davies

New Projects:

  1. Follow Your Arrow 2 by Ysolda Teague
  2. Squall Line Shawl by Romi Hill
  3. Owlie Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel
  4. Jozi by Clare Devine
  5. Prewitt Socks by Kate Atherley
  6. Squirrel Sampler Mittens by Adrian Bizilia
  7. Huxley by Jared Flood

**I’m pretty sure this is not an exhaustive list. When the holidays come around, I’m sure to have several additions.

Blog Lust & Podcasts

Some of my favorite new discoveries come in the form of blogs. I have recently discovered knitting podcast. I prefer listening to podcasts as I work rather than music.
A Playful Day– Ravelry Group***
I completed my first successful blog challenge for 4 weeks. An accomplishment is an understatement. Kate at A Playful Day podcaster gave an excellent ‘sock science’ episode filled with juicy tidbits of sock yarn and brilliant designers. My Amazon/Ravelry carts are full.
I am blown away by this smart woman sharing her story about raising three children and one with special needs. I am humbled by her journey and resilience as she shares her experience with the world.
I have enjoyed listening to the last three podcast episodes. From the most recent yarn purchases and fabulous pattern choices. Her suggestions to the perfect yarn purchase will definitely keep me in trouble. It is never a dull moment with Hello Knitty.
I am a sucker for clean and smart websites. Ms. Clare has a nice and seamless (no pun intended…hahaha) web presence. I am drooling at her recent sock design called Skua. She is also a knit designer who’s design sense speaks to me deeply.
**Exhaustive list for Knitting Podcast (click link)
*** These groups have blog, podcast, and Ravelry Group