Adventures of #testknitting 2

Hi knit friends,

This weekend was nice and quiet because of the hot temperature. I spent time knitting a quick hat, Kakano designed by Francoise aka Frenchie of Arohaknits. I like projects like this that provide texture. The lovely Madelinetosh BFL/ DK silk Marigold colorway was a yummy combination. The mashup of purl & knit stitches makes a quick gratifying project. I’ve set a record for most completed projects for 2016. This is getting me prepared for the upcoming Ravellenic Games. The pattern will be out at the end of the month. 



#MADMAY Ready?


Hi Knit Friends,

Everyone knows how much of a Madelinetosh (stalker) lover I profess to be. If I had a choice to snuggle with a yarn brand, Madelinetosh is one of my top 5 yarns. The different yarn bases are so irresistible. The colorways are so beautiful and it’s the only yarn lot that prefects the grey spectrum. I’m not a complete yarn snob…I’m about quality and aesthetics. Do you know what #Madmay represents? Madmay is the anniversary celebration of Madelinetosh. IF only I lived closer to Fort Worth, Texas. On Ravelry there are several designers who are selling knitting patterns at a small discount. This makes me super happy. I am on a YARN diet, but I still allow myself to buy patterns and knit notions. Check out/Join Madelinetosh Lover’s Ravelry group for details. Thanks to group moderator [JoJo] graciously created a MadMay logo for me.

Here are some of the items I want purchase:

MadMay 2016 Road map– links for Knitalong with nice prizes.

I’m going to try KnitterGems to get some much needed stitchmarkers with labels.


Here are some potential MadMay pattern options.

Photo credit: based on Ravelry pictures

Top (left to right in appearance)

  1. Fractured Fairy Tale (mitts) by Mary Annarella
  2. Corbusier socks by Sarah Jordan
  3. Garberas hat (yellow) by Anna Rauf
  4. Lil & Love by Julie Partie
  5. Ceciliana by Lisa Hannes
  6. Sleeping Cedars by Melissa Schaschwary
  7. Comfort of Lines by Melissa Schaschwary (see below)


65° of knitworthiness


Hi Knit Friends,

February has been an amazing month. I’ve managed to work through my knit fears to learn how to make ‘an afterthought heel’ and block a wip. This weekend I’ve coined a new meaning to the phrase “knit worthy”– as I gain more experience with projects, I realise I’ve become a yarn snob. I like most yarns (sorry, not Noro), but I have my main stables: Tempting Ewe Yarns, Madtosh & Quince and Co.

I discovered a new yarn dyer during a trunkshow at my LYS this weekend. I discovered an new Indie Dye Goddess – Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co . Kelsey is very close to me in York, PA. Not only is she very knowledgeable about her craft, but she is a professionally trained fiber expert. She has a warm disposition and has a wonderful eye. The colorway shades are both rich and rustic. She’s had her yarn business for over a year and her enthusiasm for knitting is so infectious.

She wore the Lilli Pilli Wrap and I fell in love. It’s a beautiful stripe and lace combination.


It wasn’t hard for me to choose colors. The 1st photo shows the stipe sequence (Helix bases) and I added Madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in El Greco from stash.  It is so addictive, I’m hoping to finish the first stripe section tonight. Here’s my project page


My enthusiasm of the pattern was so inspiring that I managed to convince my LYS to make it a KAL. I’m sure there will be another one in my future. I’m so full of joy and love when I discover knitworthy yarns like Primrose Yarn Co.

Extra notes:
Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co has a regular podcast called Wool in the Wardrobe on YouTube. I love that she does yarn reviews and is so honest with her opinions.  I’m so glad to have met her in person. She also has a Ravelry group where she is hosting a couple of KALs. She’s a knitting machine and she knows her stuff. I can’t wait to see her first design.


Hi Knitting Friends,

Have your ever sworn off making a yarn pattern using a particular technique or promised never to use a certain yarn? Non-knitters can’t related, but all knitters know what I’m talking about. As crazy as football enthusiastic fans can be– so are people that knit. If you haven’t felt the itch or obsession yet as a new knitter, PLEASE BE WARNED. And if you claim to not know what I’m talking about >> feel free to mail me your yarn stash. 🙂

Screenshot 2016-01-18 18.46.05

Friends, remember that yarn obsession that I have with Madelinetosh (yarns)? As if my holiday treat from Madelinetosh wasn’t enough. Can I please blame Instagram?!?! I promised myself that after my 2014 Magnolia Society Yarn club experience that I wouldn’t re-new my subscription. BUT I LIED!!!! Or at least Madelinetosh Yarn owners are super creative. I don’t like being surprised when it comes to yarn colors. The quality of Madelinetosh yarns have never disappointed me. 2016 Magnolia Society Yarn Club will once again be epic because it is based on the realm of nature. From Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire >> these elements are categorized in certain colors tones. I can accept a little bit of surprise. The final factor in my decision to give Magnolia Society another chance was the club is very affordable. I highly suggest this type of short-term yarn subscription (3 months) for someone wanting to try a yarn club. You will not be disappointed and options for swapping color is available through their Ravelry club page. I don’t think I can convenience myself to purchase sweater quantities (yet), but my heart belongs to Madelinetosh.

Knitted Gifts and Extras

Hello Knitting Friends,

I have been very quiet this last month. I wish I could say that I was super busy with deadlines of knitted gifts, but it would be untrue. This last four months have been challenging. I have spent the last four years at the same company and position. I am happy to reveal that I will be starting 2016 at a new job.


I decided to make my grandma some slippers while she recovers from knee surgery. We all know how much I love colorwork. This is such an amazing pattern. Thanks to a fellow knitter I found these via Instagram. Wanderers: Modern Mukluks. I am working on the second pair and will put in ‘afterthought heels’. The yarn is from an amazing Indie Dyer, Janel from Wandering Wool

In September, I broke my yarn diet and spoiled myself with Madelinetosh holiday club yarn. It was too irresistible to deny. A choice of yarn color with two different bases (BFL sock & quarter round), a project bag, stitch markers, and several unicorn tails for future heel/toe knitted socks. My choices were Pendleton Red & Winter White. I’m starting to like reds and greys. Madelinetosh makes the best greys.

2015 Madelinetosh Holiday Club

I also working on some new socks Not Just Boring Dude Socks for darling wife. I’ve just started the cuff, but they are going to be awesome (more pics soon). I also started on the Onward Shawl from my favorite designer Shannon Cook. I made a hat last year that made a wonder gift. I love her designs because they are written very concise and simple. One of the new frustrations that I have with patterns is that there are 5 different ways to write the same instructions. I dread patterns that have more than 3 pages.

Friends were you able to meet your knitting deadlines? What’s on your needles? Are you planning new knit goals in 2016? I’m working on my 2016 knit this weekend. Let’s hope all is well. Enjoy family and friends this holiday season, plus the unseasonably warm weather.

Life is Good

Dear Knitting Friends,

July has been very busy for me. I finished my first pair of socks that fit and got married last weekend. Okay…okay… nobody have a freak out. I purposefully picked a day with my partner, wore my favorite dress, and grabbed sushi afterwards. And kept the news pretty close to my sleeves. It was a very special day for us and I am thankful to my supportive friends/family that respected our wishes for having a private ceremony. I don’t do well with large crowds and the thought of everyone watching me walk down an aisle or have to entertain 50+ for several hours was definitely not my ideal thing. I am happy that we will celebrate over the next two months with smaller crowd. My partner and I have had such an amazing time together and after four years– marriage seemed like the next best thing to officially do. My new discovery of the joy of knitting socks is another benefit of our partnership. Since she is slowly warming up to the idea that knitters can never have enough yarn and she supports my knitting time I feel like the luckiest lady.

Baltimore County on July 17, 2015
Baltimore County on July 17, 2015