#knit intentions

Hello lovely knit friends,

August is almost over and it had thoroughly kicked my asparagus  *sighs* One of the many things that I am grateful for is my new furbaby Eddie. A sweet pomeranian. 

I’ve only had him for about a week and I don’t miss my sleep that much. He has such an awesome personality and the cats are slowly warming up to him. There is an unspoken agreement and Eddie had felt the need to chase them yet. I’m so happy to have a little face to come home to. Cats are great, but sweet puppies make the world bareable.

And the Olympics was come and gone and I haven’t done a lot of knitting. I’m sad, but understandably Eddie has shifted my priorities. I won’t miss my Thursday knit night so hopefully I’ll be back on my schedule. I’m stick knee deep in my Hunter Hammersen socks Marooned. I managed to suck it up and re-knit them the right size. If they don’t fit then they will be the best gift for somebody.


#Ravellenics2016 Never have it ever 

Hi Knit friends,

Never have I ever been so excited about this year’s Ravellenics. What better way to mix and match the Olympics with knitting. I have fond memories of my first Olympics in 1996. It was in Atlanta and I managed to get a job as a parking lot attendent. It was a great start of my work journey. Alas, I picked up knitting several years later. I’m excited to be on a team related to my LYS. Ironically I’m using Brooklyn Tweed that I bought 3 years ago. I like the way it holds texture, but not the way it feels. It’s good that there are plenty of yarn choices for crafters. Perhaps I’ll change my mind if I find a knit worthy object. 

My first Ravellenics project is #eventhat the lovely This or That Hat I found on IG designed by Melissa Schaschwary. I’m doing a new technique using a provisional cast-on. I sat at my LYS for support while casting on the project. It looks like smooth sailing so far. The yellow waste yarn holds the live stitches. I even talked a couple of friends into joining #teamwhostemptingewe2016 

#MADMAY Ready?


Hi Knit Friends,

Everyone knows how much of a Madelinetosh (stalker) lover I profess to be. If I had a choice to snuggle with a yarn brand, Madelinetosh is one of my top 5 yarns. The different yarn bases are so irresistible. The colorways are so beautiful and it’s the only yarn lot that prefects the grey spectrum. I’m not a complete yarn snob…I’m about quality and aesthetics. Do you know what #Madmay represents? Madmay is the anniversary celebration of Madelinetosh. IF only I lived closer to Fort Worth, Texas. On Ravelry there are several designers who are selling knitting patterns at a small discount. This makes me super happy. I am on a YARN diet, but I still allow myself to buy patterns and knit notions. Check out/Join Madelinetosh Lover’s Ravelry group for details. Thanks to group moderator [JoJo] graciously created a MadMay logo for me.

Here are some of the items I want purchase:

MadMay 2016 Road map– links for Knitalong with nice prizes.

I’m going to try KnitterGems to get some much needed stitchmarkers with labels.


Here are some potential MadMay pattern options.

Photo credit: based on Ravelry pictures

Top (left to right in appearance)

  1. Fractured Fairy Tale (mitts) by Mary Annarella
  2. Corbusier socks by Sarah Jordan
  3. Garberas hat (yellow) by Anna Rauf
  4. Lil & Love by Julie Partie
  5. Ceciliana by Lisa Hannes
  6. Sleeping Cedars by Melissa Schaschwary
  7. Comfort of Lines by Melissa Schaschwary (see below)


65° of knitworthiness


Hi Knit Friends,

February has been an amazing month. I’ve managed to work through my knit fears to learn how to make ‘an afterthought heel’ and block a wip. This weekend I’ve coined a new meaning to the phrase “knit worthy”– as I gain more experience with projects, I realise I’ve become a yarn snob. I like most yarns (sorry, not Noro), but I have my main stables: Tempting Ewe Yarns, Madtosh & Quince and Co.

I discovered a new yarn dyer during a trunkshow at my LYS this weekend. I discovered an new Indie Dye Goddess – Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co . Kelsey is very close to me in York, PA. Not only is she very knowledgeable about her craft, but she is a professionally trained fiber expert. She has a warm disposition and has a wonderful eye. The colorway shades are both rich and rustic. She’s had her yarn business for over a year and her enthusiasm for knitting is so infectious.

She wore the Lilli Pilli Wrap and I fell in love. It’s a beautiful stripe and lace combination.


It wasn’t hard for me to choose colors. The 1st photo shows the stipe sequence (Helix bases) and I added Madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in El Greco from stash.  It is so addictive, I’m hoping to finish the first stripe section tonight. Here’s my project page


My enthusiasm of the pattern was so inspiring that I managed to convince my LYS to make it a KAL. I’m sure there will be another one in my future. I’m so full of joy and love when I discover knitworthy yarns like Primrose Yarn Co.

Extra notes:
Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co has a regular podcast called Wool in the Wardrobe on YouTube. I love that she does yarn reviews and is so honest with her opinions.  I’m so glad to have met her in person. She also has a Ravelry group where she is hosting a couple of KALs. She’s a knitting machine and she knows her stuff. I can’t wait to see her first design.

$28.46 GAL

Hi Knitting Friends,

I had such a busy weekend. I almost felt like I went to work because I was so busy. I had a nice time spoiling my partner with a dinner, movie, and shopping. It was nice because normally we are so busy resting from our work week– having a nice change to celebrate a birthday was a good change of pace.


Today I made my purchased from Ravelry’s annual Indie Designer KAL. My contributions of $28.46. I selected over 30 patterns during my first review of eligible patterns, but then limited my choices based on the likelihood that I would start the pattern within the next 6 months. I plan to make Gramercy, Onward, and Bathurst for the Indie Designer KALs.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 22.10.34

Alicia Plummer– Paperwhite, Fresh Mint

Shannon Cook– Onward

Laura Chau– Bathurst

Corrine Walcher– Not Just Boring Dude Socks

Hunter Hammersen– Gramercy, Marooned



Indie Designer Blitz

Hi Knitting Friends,

It’s been awhile. October wasn’t the best month, but somehow I managed to get through it. I started job hunting two months ago. Three interviews later for three different positions– now I’m on my way to an ‘in-person’ interview. I am fighting to stay optimistic. I know that I want to see some changes in 2016. The holidays are a week away and my favorite time of year is just starting.

Indie Design GAL 2015

Last year was my first year supporting Indie Designer knit/crochet handmade wear . I enjoyed shopping for patterns at a small discount and participating in scavenger hunts. This is Ravelry’s chance to introduce you to over 400 designers and there is much to see. Here are the rules on how to label/tag your projects. I’ll probably stop by soon to share what I hope to knit during this time.

The fun doesn’t start until Thursday, November 19th @ 8pm EST. The large KAL2015 (insert garment type) runs from 11:59pm US EST on Thursday, December 31. Projects made before this are not eligible for the GAL.

So this is a great idea for purchasing items for knitting friends/family members. I used my Ravelry Favorite bundle (tagged as GAL2015) to tag items that I want to purchase in the future.What’s in your pattern gift bag? FYI…for tech savvy crafters– Pinterest will also have boards specifically for the Indie Design GAL (coming soon).



YOP Progress- Week 10


Hi Knit Friends,

I swear it seems like time is moving super fast. I am slipping on my weekly progress report. Who doesn’t want to talk about knitting?!? I haven’t put a big dent in my WIPs, but I have allowed myself to start multiple projects. Although I am on a yarn diet, I successfully traded yarn with a knitter recently. All my friends know that I am allergic to pink, I love Madelinetosh, but this shade of pink (Boulder) was definitely not to my liking.

Madelinetosh_Ella RaeI traded for 2 skeins of Ella Rae merino lace fingering weight. Teal and green color# 208. Photo credit from Knit-n-Crochet. I have some lovely sock ideas for this. I also picked up a new project called By the Seine River designed by Dona Knit Designs. I am too scared to rip out 100 Acre Woods sock project so I rationalized that having a new sock project was the next best thing.

Sock Challenge:

Solid Socks-bannerMy new sock obsession has led me to Ravelry’s SolidSocks group. This group is awesome because they have 2 separate challenges– one sock is based on theme/color and the other is a mystery KAL with a guest designer. I think this is the best way for me to stretch my sock knitting wings. I’m working on By the Seine River as my themed ‘artic’ for the Northern Lights in Auora Borealis >>>stop by my project page to see picture and matching yarn<<<


A Hundred Acre Woods– in timeout, pending ripped heel

Elwood– timeout

Falling snow– cast-on, but no progress

By the Seine River— one leg, heel turned

Newest Knit Obsession:

I just discovered a new knit sock designer Hunter Hammersen, whose design skills are  extraordinary. ‘Violently Domestic‘ is where she blogs, sharing her beautiful designs. Her newest book is called Curls (shawls galore). I entered her giveaway last week for a dream skein of blue from Vice to make her [badass] sock called ‘Gramercy‘ design. Anyone who knows the pains of having large feet and can design socks that look spectacular will always get my vote. So my latest obsession has me violently knitting a new pair of socks.