2017 Intentions

Good morning Knit Friends,

I do not feel like my normal chippery self, but life must go on. I lived most of 2016 with intention. I define intention as action behind words. An example of intention in 2016 is that I went to a library conference and managed to present in two different segments. My confidence in research and having a professional presence both were achieved. I even managed to utilized Twitter at the conference and while watching Super Soul Sunday. That was the biggest surprise when I saw that I was re-twitted. 

In 2016, I honored my intention my making a cabled hat. It was scary, but I made it through. It had a good home for a knit friend.

In 2017, I have more knit plans:

  1. Finish 4 WIPs. One sock, two shawls, one hat, 
  2. Schedule 2 knit sessions for cabling
  3. Start first sweater by Nora Gaughan called Mohr 
  4. Make 3 socks for me

    In non-knitting goals:

    1. Complete book chapter by providing research and analysis
    2. Complete research for local symposium conference
    3. Attend a library conference in August
    4. Attend a professional football and college basketball game
    5. Have fun even if things don’t turn out the way I want it to.
    6. Read 10 books, most are non fiction (the list is at work)

      Lastly allow myself to grieve through writing and talking with friends. Listen to music more and allow for silence whenever things become too much. My uncle was like Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. He always asked a question when I’d ask him something as a little kid. I can almost hear his voice saying “Do not give up Grasshopper, I’m with you always”. 


      Knitwise November Pt. 2

      Hey Knit Friends,

      My favorite time of year is Fall. Growing up in Georgia, I loved to see the leaves change colors and the smell of a bond fire. Sipping hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows is my kind of excitement as a kid. I honestly feel sorry for kids these days who have no concept of playing outdoors. You couldn’t keep me in the house during the fall. I was at football games or working a part time job. The Internet and tech gadgets are the death of youth (why do i feel old as I reminisce)?


      My wife’s birthday is coming soon. I’ve got several hat ideas aan im hoping she’ll like at least one of my hair brain ideas. I’m wait to finish the hat before revealing. the only hint I  can make is that it will be lined. I’m using yummy Malabrigo Rios.

      I will share my new surprise, Mohr sweater swatch and color reveal. A local knit friend has agreed to hold my hand as I embark on this scary journey. I was joking to my knit nite crew that I my arms are the length of a child’s slim capris. I’m sure I can’t make the sleeves quarter length. I’ll have plenty of comical stores about my sweater adventure. 

      2016 Knitting Goals Review:

      • Learn how to make Cables. I’ve one one project with cables. I plan on getting Nora Gaughan’s new cable book for learning the new techniques.
      • Make a garment. I have plans to hopefully start Mohr soon. Bought most of my supplies.

      Works  in Progress

      Last year I made a Baa-ble Hat designed by Donna Smith. my mom stole it. So I’m making a replacement hat. It’s coming out really well. I’m using some berroco vintage I swapped at my LYS market day. This is such an enjoyable knit. Friends so you have annual knit projects?

      Pitter Patter Knits

      Hi Knit Friends,

      Man…this weekend was spend relaxing or at least catching my body up with my mind. I am filled with nerves. I think this might be a feeling that I am not used to sitting with. Normally when I feel nervous my body has a way of shutting down. I’ve got too much going on to give in to those emotions. I feel like I am finally living the mantra “living in a comfort zone is not living”. Or maybe I just made this up. I’m sure I whispered this ‘silent’ prayer to help me do better. My knit life has been on hold because of all the good things that are happening. I am learning to lean into this speed of life. To enjoy the benefits of my hard work. But also to not take too much comfort in my rewards because there is always more that could be done. I am sharing some IG images that are giving me “Knit palpitations”. I feel like if i generate a list then on my gloomy days I have more to choose from.

      Photo credit from IG @anglovesgnomes in #lemmykshawl in @threeirishgirlsyarn Guinness colourway.

      I need a nice holiday knit. And my next project will be…a fabulous cowl with delicious colorwork. Thanks to Donna Smith’s new design

      Photo Credit IG @donnasmithdesigns #shallmillenssnood

      Last week I met a friend at a LYS near work. It was such fun because we work in the same industry and have similar knitting preferences. I have been scared to do anything adventurous. It only takes small encouragement or agreements to KAL for me to cave. It isn’t a hardship because I finally found a sweater that I can envision myself making and wear. I cringe a bit because I have VERY LONG arms, but the cables are sooo inviting that I’m sure I can convince myself to do it. Or if I’m that sick of it by the time it’s over…I can become a vest. I am not that great at math, but my knit friend said she would hold my hand. When she described how she reworks and organizes her notes to make a sweater… my mouth dropped. How does she make it sound so simple. She said that since the front and back are cabled that I should knit them at the same time. Who ever said knitting is not a team sport— is a fool.

      Nora Gaughan’s Mohr made with Brooklyn Tweed. I’m not into Tweed so I’m going to use Blue Sky Worsted in a light grey. It has a 4 out of 5 skill difficulty. I’m all about going hard especially for my first garment project. I have a good teacher. I feel lots of wine in my future (no while knitting).


      #Ravellenics2016 Never have it ever 

      Hi Knit friends,

      Never have I ever been so excited about this year’s Ravellenics. What better way to mix and match the Olympics with knitting. I have fond memories of my first Olympics in 1996. It was in Atlanta and I managed to get a job as a parking lot attendent. It was a great start of my work journey. Alas, I picked up knitting several years later. I’m excited to be on a team related to my LYS. Ironically I’m using Brooklyn Tweed that I bought 3 years ago. I like the way it holds texture, but not the way it feels. It’s good that there are plenty of yarn choices for crafters. Perhaps I’ll change my mind if I find a knit worthy object. 

      My first Ravellenics project is #eventhat the lovely This or That Hat I found on IG designed by Melissa Schaschwary. I’m doing a new technique using a provisional cast-on. I sat at my LYS for support while casting on the project. It looks like smooth sailing so far. The yellow waste yarn holds the live stitches. I even talked a couple of friends into joining #teamwhostemptingewe2016 

      July of Hunter

      Hi Knit Friends,

      I’ve missed everyone so much. My normal blogging schedule hasn’t been happening. The frequency of posts is largely based on my moods. I try to be positive or at least ‘act-as-if’. This mantra I adopted from a mentor.

      My last post I shared my disappointment with a sock pattern. Most of it was my fault and now I have found myself brooding. My knitting juju is low, but I can always count on IG to lift my spirits. The fabulous Hunter Hammersen just posted a mouth-watering knit worthy sock. I don’t even know the name of it. All I know is I’m obsessed with her design brilliance. She truly has a gift of balancing colors and capturing the right vantage point of a knitted object.


      One day I’ll get to meet her. I missed her by a week because I was on vacation. I’ve never made cables…so this sock is a definite potential. I will even take classes just to do this sock.

      So July will be the month of knitting a Hunter Hammersen design. I’ve already bought several patterns, but I’m on a yarn diet so I’ll definitely be stash diving. I’ve stalled on the Hermione sock. I love the yarn, I just can’t focus on one project.

      Melanie Berg's Ingwer

      I feel so guilty when I pick up another project, but the Ingwer shawl is bothering me. The pattern is well written, it’s the repetitive nature of 2 main stitch sequences. I like the texture of the shawl, but I need distraction of a fairisle sock. Knit friends how do you balance repetitive patterns? Big needle projects, one skein wonders, or crochet?

      Cure for Knitting Blues

      Hi knit friends,

      After a good birthday week, I feel like I am crawling to the bitter end of this week. I left work a couple of hours earlier today for some R&R. Date night at a local spot seemed to be the cure. I mostly called date nite when i feel like my life is going on autopilot. My wife and I enjoy eating especially if we arent cooking.


      What a wonderful Ahi Tuna salad with wasabi salad dressing. I had boring Fish & Chips, but the company was entertaining. We also managed to save room for dessert by packing up half the dinner.


      I had half of the chocoloate topped cheesecake. I’m not fond of chocolate desserts, but my wife loves rich chocolate. I’ve officially banned chocolate from the house because she’d probably just try to live off of it alone.

      My knitting blues has me in my feelings. I completely screwed up in the Tour de Sock competition and I feel bad about it. Im not a fan of failure or not being able to resolve my knitting problem with the week 1 sock. Knitting feels like a puzzle. The twist and turns of stitches is my meditation. There is beauty in the configuration of stitches. Knitting is like the Symphony of crafts. The bright smile at finishing a project gives me peace. My plan is to continue to sulk and maybe try a brand new sock pattern without amy attachments to a competition. I do my best knitting without having a KAL or potential prize looming over my head. Below are two photos from IG that is distracting my knit blues feelings.


      The sock above i found on IG and I think its a Cookie A pattern. And I’m also stalking admiring Hunter Hammersen’s new sock reveals. Looking at Hunter’s parterns always inspire me. Last week she had some fabulous sneak peak of a WIP design. Love love her design sense.


      Its projects like this that makes me happy. A beautiful project I plan to make for my friend. I’m new to cables and Hunter has a dazzling fresh pattern to tickle my fancy…now to run to my stash and grab some coffee.


      #knitpalpitations Thursday


      Hi Knit Friends,

      It seems that April has been full of ups and downs in my knitwise world. I think that I’ve handled my polygamous knitting gracefully. I met two project deadlines on time with some time to spare. I am currently fighting with the yarn…not the yarn’s fault (mine). My anticipation for finishing has caused me to make silly mistakes. The photo above shows how I decrease the vanilla socks differently. This has to be skills >> or at least the universe’s idea of telling me that learning 2AAT socks is on the horizon. The red circles above show how I inverted the decrease stitches so the left sock is perfectly finished, but the right sock (in photo) shows the stitches have been inverted. I can put my finger in the seams on the right sock to show that these are absolutely wrong.

      What do you do when you forget a technique or don’t write notes to remind you where to go back? I admit to being lazy, but these socks are samples so I have to make them perfect. I dug into my archive of patterns to find the best instructions to decrease cuff-down socks. I always loose track of how to place my needles when I start the final toe decreases once I make the sock length 1.5 inches shorter than the shoe size.


      Rose City Rollers have the best quick reference for making ’rounded’ or ‘squared’ toes. I am a visual learner and the instructions for Rose City Rollers are the best when I’m in a pinch. I like how the instructions include a picture of how the 4 dpns are set-up to keep track of the decrease sequence. I used Vanilla Sock Latte pattern for Marigoldjen Springtime colorway socks. These semi-stripe socks were a beauty to work with. I have to triage the first sock that I knit because the length of the cuff is ‘longer’ than the length of the sock. I have to rework the sock so that the cuff/sock length ratio is balanced? Knit friends, how do you determine cuff/sock length ratio? I despise short cuffs for my big feet, but my sister loves making short cuffs for her size 6 feet. I’m working on my inventory for the upcoming Yarn Market Day at my LYS. Here’s a mashup of my impressive 2016 sock yarn purchases.



      Vesper Sock yarn w/ nylon- Sesame Cha Cha

      Tempting Ewe Yarns- Bill Nye 

      Tough Love SweetGeorgia yarn – Blood Orange

      Marigoldjen Yarns -Sidewalk Chalk

      Dragonfly Fibers sock- Orchid Thief