Knit with meaning

Hi Knit Friends,

I thought I would feel differently by now, but grief is a damn bitch. I am extremely grateful for my LYS. Accepting my strangeness and allowing me just to soak up the knit atmosphere. Laughs were hard to come by in the early days, but in my recent trip I started opening up. Opening up to me means laughing and BSing with my regular friends. Occasionally my thoughts drift to my uncle, but he wouldn’t want me to stay I unhappy for long. In addition to my curious dog Eddie. He can snatch a skein in under 3 seconds. He keeps my company when I knit so I guess I can overlook the occasional skein thief.

K N I T T I N G update

I started working on 2 new projects that are giving me joy. A hat called Check This Out! Hat and a pair of socks for a friend (not pictured).

I’m in a dilemma with knitting a gift for my aunt. She chose the pattern and I already can’t stand it. Part of me is fighting it with its 210+ cast-on. I should have known it wasn’t going to be easy. I love that at least the yarn is yummy Malabrigo Rios, but I have to ripe it out because it was a Mobius cast-on by accident. Both are textured, but one grow outwardly (Alicia Plummer’s MidAutumn) and the other is built in the round (photo by Tricotbec- Brookstone). I don’t have time to play around as her birthday is the first week of February.


In another topic: Work update

I am please to announce I’ll be starting a new job at a local university. It only took me five years to aquire a job in the same state I reside. It will be a positive shift where I can really take care of my home and make it more welcoming. I slowing telling a couple of people I work with case I don’t want a big fuss. The funny thing is that my old director is organizing a Luncheon for my departure from the city. I love the people at my old job, but loss motivation. It took me a good year to start looking. As a fellow knitter should remind myself that if the pattern isn’t meshing then it time to get a new project. What’s on your needles, friends?


Still here… amongst #knitters

Hi Knit Friends, 

Special thanks goes out to my LYS friends whose presence was an antidote for my grief. I remember studying Elizabeth Kúber Ross in undergrad. I wasn’t interested in what she thought then, but now it makes some sort of sense. The stages of grief. I’m still angry and resentful. I truly to be myself, but the loss of my uncle who was my shining light isn’t physically here with me. Advice for grief that isn’t helpful… “It gets better with time”. This makes me angry. For the bereaved time is like poison. I’m still not myself, but made it a point to be around others for the sake of having normalcy. 


I haven’t done too much. I want to finish this test knit that is beyond due. A dear knit friend showed me a fabulous hat batter with chunky yarn. It’s mean green for a dear friend. I working on another Kate Davies hat and bought some fabulous colors from Tempting Ewe Yarns. 

Knit Gift-along 2016

Hi Knit Friends,

Today I am trying to find ways to be grateful. It’s still hard to believe that my uncle is no longer with me. Last night, I watched the football game in his honor- quite fitting that the Raiders managed to beat Houston. No surprise to my uncle as I’m sure he probably had his hands in making it happen. Or maybe it’s the kid in my that has yet to let him go.

The last two years I have participated in Ravelry’s Giftalong. It a tradition that I hold to as I love to support small businesses. Each year over 300+ designers get together and select several items to sale at a discounted rate. I am doing my part in sharing this wonderful opportunity to all my knit friends


Here is the direct link for over 300+ designers participating in Indie Gift-along

Here is the link that I used to craft my collage: Collage Maker: Be Funky

Below is a lovely selection that I have chosen to purchase.


Passport Mitts Check This Out! Hat Birdcage
Skookum (hat) Free space Tacit (mitts)
Compass Shawl Luicida (hat) After Party (blanket)


 **this list reads from left to right. here’s a list of details for the Indie Design Knitalong. Discount (up to 25% off) designs begin today Nov 22,2016 to Nov 30, 2016. 

Friends what are you making for the holidays? 





When puppies cry 

Hi Knit friends,

I’ve been so busy this week. Too many deadlines and another interview. Between writing thank you notes, revising assignments and puppy training- I’m feeling empty. I’m tempted to opt for a 4day work week. I’m halfway coherent. My puppy is such a baby and wants to spend every moment glued to me. I will be figuring out how to handle his insistent barking. My puppy duties have left me with no knit time. I stayed late tonight to visit a knit friend. I got new needles to test this weekend. This rain will help me get back into knitting mode. Below are photos from IG that is knitworthy.

This one was made by IG @kelseyknits and #Fringesupplyco discovered this one. I’m a sucker for this color and it has cables.

These badass-ed sheep are a definite holiday gift. I found these on Twigandhorn website.

Wow, Another great cable knitted shawl called Icterina from my IG feed. @hunterhammersen genius at it again. Below is a unnamed project also designed by my idol Hunter. 

[Photo msg >> @Regrann from @hunterhammersen  –  These are going off to have their photo shoot soon (which means the pattern will be back out soon). Can’t wait to have them out again…there’s something so marvelous about that ever so slightly wavy leg, don’t you think? #Regrann]
What are your plans this weekend? Wine and southern cooking is on my agenda. 

#knitworthy Goodbyes

Hi Knit friends,

Parting is always sorrowful when you meet good people. Making new friends is difficult for me because I have a reputation for being fickle. My personality is the equivalent of quirky Phoebe Buffay from Friends and a swirl of Essence Atkin’s character Susanne from “Are We There Yet” series. I’ve accepted this reality in my mid-twenties, but it sure does make befriending people harder. I don’t believe that “like personalities”attract “like”. I believe like equals boring. I married opposite and my small circle of eclectic friendships have survived. I’m pulling for my new friend S to be a lifer.


This project was completed a couple of months ago, but it took me a while to block it. No hard thing to do, but I can only assume my resistance is tied to reluctance to saying goodbye and letting go. New Friend S picked out the color for the project. I don’t know where my new friend will land geographically, but I am comforted by her knitworthy reputation. Then Comes Spring shawl has great meaning because it’s my first test knit that I completed within the testing date timeline. Knit friends, what is your favorite quick knit for gifts? Do you have knit gift limitations (i.e. socks for immediate family only).

Knitted Gifts and Extras

Hello Knitting Friends,

I have been very quiet this last month. I wish I could say that I was super busy with deadlines of knitted gifts, but it would be untrue. This last four months have been challenging. I have spent the last four years at the same company and position. I am happy to reveal that I will be starting 2016 at a new job.


I decided to make my grandma some slippers while she recovers from knee surgery. We all know how much I love colorwork. This is such an amazing pattern. Thanks to a fellow knitter I found these via Instagram. Wanderers: Modern Mukluks. I am working on the second pair and will put in ‘afterthought heels’. The yarn is from an amazing Indie Dyer, Janel from Wandering Wool

In September, I broke my yarn diet and spoiled myself with Madelinetosh holiday club yarn. It was too irresistible to deny. A choice of yarn color with two different bases (BFL sock & quarter round), a project bag, stitch markers, and several unicorn tails for future heel/toe knitted socks. My choices were Pendleton Red & Winter White. I’m starting to like reds and greys. Madelinetosh makes the best greys.

2015 Madelinetosh Holiday Club

I also working on some new socks Not Just Boring Dude Socks for darling wife. I’ve just started the cuff, but they are going to be awesome (more pics soon). I also started on the Onward Shawl from my favorite designer Shannon Cook. I made a hat last year that made a wonder gift. I love her designs because they are written very concise and simple. One of the new frustrations that I have with patterns is that there are 5 different ways to write the same instructions. I dread patterns that have more than 3 pages.

Friends were you able to meet your knitting deadlines? What’s on your needles? Are you planning new knit goals in 2016? I’m working on my 2016 knit this weekend. Let’s hope all is well. Enjoy family and friends this holiday season, plus the unseasonably warm weather.