Bye August and Hello Fall Knitting

Hello Knit Friends,

I’ve ghost in August for many good reasons. My new furbaby Eddie has been settling in with the old cats Sage & Pumpkin. I made great strides in accomplishing my career goals of presenting at a library conference. It was hard work and exciting. I’m so addicted now. There is a possibility of two trips next summer to do the madness again. Interviews and school have taken over my life in August so there has been hardly any knitting. I’m experiencing knitting blues again. I define Knitting blues as a state of perpetual sadness after finishing a knitting project.  I have read two separate posts from fellow IG knit bloggers littleminky93 and This Knitted Life who have talked about Fall Knitting lineups. I’d love to share my Fall knitting list with everyone:

A possible knitting crush visit to nearby LYS in early September to meet Jared Flood. I want to give him love for his  Cowichan-style Knitalong vest he created during   last year. I’m so sick-in-love with this man’s mind. I’m crazy in love with the colorwork and steeking doesn’t look too scary.


My office is super crazy cold this summer, so I can never have enough cowls or shawls. I have my eye on this beauty that I found


I enjoy Fall weather so much and fell in love with boot liners. I am going to make sure to get a pair of nice & durable fallish/winter boots for casual wear. Pam Allen’s Honey Boot Liners. These have been on my list for at least six months.


I feel like being bold…cutting my hair so that I can actually start wear more hats. I loved having short hair for this reason. I can’t make it out to the Shetland Wool Festival, but they have their annual knit themed free pattern. I’m salivating over Ella Gordon’s Crofthoose Hat.  (image:top) Another lovely hat that has my affection is Louise Robert’s Nova Scotian Sheeps pattern hat & gloves (image: bottom photo credit by Biscotte Yarns)

I feel like I’m on time out with socks….

Don’t tell my sock knitting friends. I couldn’t get my brain to configure gauge. I re-knit half a sock twice of Hunter Hammersen’s Marooned sock. I think I’m putting it on ice. I’m too tired to remake it in my size. I think it would be better gifted. I’m sure I’ll probably make another post soon to celebrate September’s arrival. I’m feeling the urge to make a shawl. Knit friends, what’s on your needles? Any sweaters in your future?










Dirty Kitchener Friday


Hello Knit Friends….

My grin is big because I didn’t stress myself about the ‘dirty’ Kitchener. I recruited a knitting friend to do the Kitchener for me. (Don’t judge knit friends…I’d pick up stitches for your knitted socks). Veteran knitters know that you have a list of things you enjoy doing and then you have a pile of WIPs that are sitting in the closet because you despise a technique. Kitchener is not something that I enjoy or even want to get acquainted with, but it is a necessary thing to learn how to do. Whenever I hear the word ‘Kitchener’, my stomach rolls because I am reminded of 3 beautiful color-worked cowls I made back in 2013. My lovely cowls of 2013 have never been worn because I refused Kitchener. Should I feel guilty about this— YES and NO. Yes— because I ‘should’ learn the ‘dirty’ stitch and  NO–because I should have asked my knit friend ages ago to help out. My blood pressure has dropped.

This beautiful cowl, Taimana Cowl designed by talented Françoise of Arohaknits. There is such wonderfulness to this pattern. It was a beautiful and painless process to knit. I will definitely knit it again. New notes (from my knit finisher): go up 2-3 needle sizes in the main colorwork motif of the Taimana Cowl (Te Reo Maori for “Diamond”). I forgot that when I knit stranded colorwork, it constricts. My next colorwork combination will probably have light blue, white, and golden color. I super excited.

It’s official, I’m obssessed (like a dog with a bone) with Françoise’ designs because she never disappoints as she just released a new pattern, Pātiki Hat and Cowl. The colors are so striking. I may just choose another color using the dark/light contract. Everyone knows I’m allergic to pink.


New Projects:

I’m learning a new technique, wrap and turn (w&t) for making short row toes/heels. It feel super uncomfortable, but my knit friend Steph patiently supervised me as I tried to record the process into muscle memory. It also helped that I wrote notes . I am AGAIN using YouTube for knitting help. The amount of times I re-wind the clips give me a headache. Look at the lovely Tempting Ewe below in Raspberry Cordial. definitely going to have to get more of this beautiful colorway. I hate pink…but there are only hints and the purple and red tones push me over the edge. Sparkles also give it pop.



65° of knitworthiness


Hi Knit Friends,

February has been an amazing month. I’ve managed to work through my knit fears to learn how to make ‘an afterthought heel’ and block a wip. This weekend I’ve coined a new meaning to the phrase “knit worthy”– as I gain more experience with projects, I realise I’ve become a yarn snob. I like most yarns (sorry, not Noro), but I have my main stables: Tempting Ewe Yarns, Madtosh & Quince and Co.

I discovered a new yarn dyer during a trunkshow at my LYS this weekend. I discovered an new Indie Dye Goddess – Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co . Kelsey is very close to me in York, PA. Not only is she very knowledgeable about her craft, but she is a professionally trained fiber expert. She has a warm disposition and has a wonderful eye. The colorway shades are both rich and rustic. She’s had her yarn business for over a year and her enthusiasm for knitting is so infectious.

She wore the Lilli Pilli Wrap and I fell in love. It’s a beautiful stripe and lace combination.


It wasn’t hard for me to choose colors. The 1st photo shows the stipe sequence (Helix bases) and I added Madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in El Greco from stash.  It is so addictive, I’m hoping to finish the first stripe section tonight. Here’s my project page


My enthusiasm of the pattern was so inspiring that I managed to convince my LYS to make it a KAL. I’m sure there will be another one in my future. I’m so full of joy and love when I discover knitworthy yarns like Primrose Yarn Co.

Extra notes:
Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co has a regular podcast called Wool in the Wardrobe on YouTube. I love that she does yarn reviews and is so honest with her opinions.  I’m so glad to have met her in person. She also has a Ravelry group where she is hosting a couple of KALs. She’s a knitting machine and she knows her stuff. I can’t wait to see her first design.

Knit Intentions

My first fiber festival

Hi Knitting friends,

Last weekend I attended my first fiber festival– Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. It was a spur of the moment trip and I was lucky to go with a friend. I enjoyed the cooler weather of high 60s. I sported my vintage Old Navy feather vest. This trip was very significant because I have never seen a live goat, alpaca, sheep, or camel. I dodged a ‘sneezing bullet’ as the alpaca let one loose.

I had so much fun because I ran into a local dyers. I was on my best behavior. One skein managed to make it home with me. I bought new stitch markers for socks.

Wandering Wool
Marigold colorway

Next purchase is BFL Extralong sidewalk chalk


Fall Knit Palpitations

Hi knitting friends,

I have been tortured myself trying to finish my Seine by the River socks. I am so darn mad at myself for not paying attention. Of course there will be a gauge issue when stitches are changed. I made a modification to knit through the back loop on the foot portion instead of regular knit stitch. It looked great on sock #1. I was trying to cut corners on sock#2 by going back to knit stitch for the foot length. I have an inch gauge difference between the different stitches. This calls for a drink this weekend. I’m ripping out today. Seine_2 Foot GaugeI wish I could call on a knitting faerie to rip it out and change it with a dash of a wand. On the other hand I want the socks to be stunningly beautiful– so it must be knit right. Or I should learn 2AAT. [Don’t hold your breath friends]. If sock knitting is my meditation, 2AAT would take the fun out of things. All my friends know I love the craziness of a lace pattern.


In more promising note. My knitting queue seems to be growing bigger. I am in love with a new hat, Lolo by Jared Flood. And I will use stashed yarn. It will be my best ever and first hat for my lovely wife.

Photo credit from Ravelry
Photo credit from Ravelry

I’m still trying to convince a friend at my LYS to make this ‘badass’ (a good thing) sweater as a Fall KAL. I dress for comfort, but I am beginning to find that my knitting styles lean towards simple yet colorful motifs. I’m a die hard fairisle fanatic, but I have been neglecting it over my obsession with socks. I am going to try to dig deep and parcel out my fairisle mojo. It’s Fall and I ready for some hardcore fairisle knitting challenges. Below is the rest of items stored in my queue.

Knit_Obsession**All photos were taken from Ravelry. Photo credit is indicated underneath photos.

What’s in your queue for the Fall?

A Good Sock Hussy

Photo credit: Urban dictionary

Hi Knitting Friends >> I changed my Ravelry name to SockHussy2. I am old name was Fierybug08. My new name is a better name and I might as well embrace my sock hussy ways. And since the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that Maryland will be experiencing a harsh Winter– might as well lean into my talents. I have recently found another great sock challenge. I found this challenge in Ravelry called The Canadian Crazy Train, a sock challenge that appeals to me because you don’t have to be a veteran sock knitter. This will be a fun activity to do and one less goal to make.

The following aspects of this challenge include:

  • Sock train routes are country specific
  • Only one sock is knitted during competition
  • Canadian sponsors
  • Registration Oct 14-Dec 21, 2015
  • Crazy Train departs Jan 1, 2016 for 8 weeks
  • Meeting new knitters

I am back on a yarn diet. I think I will start a money jar for purchasing holiday yarn. Since I joined Instagram, it has become harder to ignore all that beautiful yarn. I have a growing list of sock yarns that I want to try. Knit friends, what factors do you consider before making colorwork or textured socks?

  • Biscotte & Cie
  • Tanis Fiber Arts
  • Lorna’s Laces Soul
  • Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk
  • Colinette Jitterbug
  • Patons North America (Kroy Socks 4 Ply/Sock Stripes)

I am still trying to figure out my next sock project. I am trying to find a textured or color- worked sock to capture my interest. Below are a couple of potential projects:

Tradescantia Zebrina; Keisarin Morsian.
Tradescantia Zebrina; Keisarin Morsian.

Gauge: Weekday Roundup

This week I was so busy that my Thursday felt like a Friday. It also was one of the coldest days in Maryland. I’m thinking about buying me a new winter coat. I’m so glad I’m a knitter. I triple wrapped my Quince and Co cowl around my face this morning. (sorry no photo– too cold).

I wanted to see about making a new pair of socks out of sock yarn. But, my knitting buddy SA has insisted that I get gauge first (bummer). Before everyone gasps…. I HAVE NEVER MADE A GAUGE SWATCH. >> SAY WHAT?!?!? Yes ma’am and gents. Sooo the word on the knitting couch is that gauge is crucial for sock knitting. So… this afternoon as I wait to see the doctor, I will be crafting my first gauge swatch.

Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends
Weekly round-up: Yokes by Kate Davies; Brioche friends

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly knitting night at Cloverhill yarn shop. I’m sharing a knitting scrap photo of my new knit buddy M. finishing a brioche project. Knit buddy M is trying to convince me to take a plunge to brioche. I said no… I need to sink my teeth into knitting socks. My knitting buddy SA is helping me navigate toe-up socks.

What’s on your needles? What’s your favorite sock? Do you like cuff-down or toe-up?