2015 Life nuggets

Hi Knitting friends,

2015 was a big year to learn and live out this quote about failure:


I believe that throughout life we are here to work through unfinished business. The life lesson that I’ve been tackling this year has been failure. As a young athlete I was often told that failure is the act of not trying. As a young adult I never really understood the lesson behind failure. My actions of starting over might look from Johnny down the street. It was only until April 2015 that I realized the essence of what failure mean. If lamenting were a talent, I’d be CEO. Depression and anxiety were my constant companions. How did I climb out of the lethargic spiral? A weekly visit to my LYS, light exercise several times a week, and allowing myself a space to be vulnerable.


Once I allowed myself to sit with the feelings of failure without internalizing it….I started seeing my true self. The hopes and picturesque   dreams of my life began to change. I shed my clock of anxiety and stood face to face with authenticity. The brave words of Dr. Brene Brown finally made sense to me.

My goals of 2015 was filled with measurable actions. Reading, knitting socks, continuing genealogy research, and attend a library conference were on my list. If I held the same perspective I had in 2014- I probably would have said that 2015 was a miserable time. I can honestly say I have grown this year and can acknowledge some progress.

Life nugget (noun): a result of working through a life event. It is not a feeling, but more of an experience. It is not measurable event, but gratitude and acceptance is gained from the experience (self-defined by blogger)

My 2015 Progress:

I have re-connected with old friends, started building a professional network, revise my career options, learned to knit socks, and found a new job. These accomplishments feel like milestones. I am grateful for the lesson of failure and the compassion that I have experience from the most unlikely people. Knitting friends, how was 2015? Any lessons or experiences that changed the way you view your life? No experience is too insignificant. The mere fact I made this into a confessional blog post speaks to the impact of my 2015 goals.



Team Knit Gratitude

Hi Knitting Friends,

I have been very busy these past few weeks, but wanted to drop in to give an update. I made a ‘executive decision’ to halt my weekly blog knitting updates. Although the journey to knit things is very rewarding, I found myself stressing out whenever I missed a week. I promised myself last year that I would become the type of knitter that made things as a stress reliever and not as a ‘mandatory’ experience.

September finished

I ripped the second sock to the gusset. I modified the pattern to knit through back loop (ktbl) instead of using regular knit stitch. An old friend named Gauge shook it’s ugly head at me. The pattern was fine, it just reminded me that having a knitting book might be a good investment for future sock patterns.

My daily commute has begun to cause me angst. I am thankful to my LYS Thursday evening group who are always there to greet me when I walk through the door. It is nice to see the regular faces and continue conversations from previous weeks. I ended the night with hand-winding a ball of yarn with a knitting friend outside the store because the time got away from me.

Thursday_LYS pranks

I am very thankful that my Thursday evening knit group allows me to be an observer, a prankster, and attentive listener. I am naturally introverted with the exception to my hysterical facial expressions. I am working on a new project, Baa-ble hat for Shetland Wool Week KAL. In a rushed attempt to make sheep via fairisle, I created a ‘Siamese’ sheep motif. It gave me and the gang tonight a giggle. I will say that I even took to Instagram to share my newfound invention.

Siamese Sheep

YoP Progress- Week 10.5


Hi Knitting Friends,

I’ve been very busy this past week. I had Interview #2 on last Tuesday. And to relieve stress I’ve focused on knitting socks. I had a migraine the night before my interview. So I tried  not to do too much to bring on one on the interview day. I don’t think anyone can ever fully prepare for an interview. And the fact that 4 person hiring panel were asking me questions via video chat made for an interesting experience. Logistically everything worked out well. I managed to ask several questions so I’m remaining hopeful. I felt I did my best on my Interview #2. No matter what anyone says, interviewing is nothing like riding a bike.


My furry baby ‘Punky’ has kept my spirits up with his normal curiosity. He’s two flaws include 5 am wakeup cries and the ocassional running out the door. He and his brother don’t care for yarn or any knit accessory. It a relief.

Seine by the River – 1 sock done, 1 cuff done
***all other projects are the same. I plan to finish the Seine socks this week.


YoP- Week 9 Dramatic Update

wpid-wp-1439344295652.jpegHello Knit Friends,

Ever have a week where nothing exciting happens? Actually knitting is the only thing that makes me hysterical (i.e. ‘dramatical’) [made-up word]. This past week I was consumed with trying to cast-on toe-up socks. I believe I tried three times by myself and twice with help from my LYS friends. I’m using Plucky Feet and during my second attempt I made the sock as big as a small hat.

100 Acre

I wasn’t as focused this week because I got super excited about discovering a holiday stocking called Falling snow. This is definitely going on my ‘to make list’. I have yarn to make a ‘practice stocking’. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I figure it won’t kill me to start a practice one first.

Falling snow stockingWorks in Progress:

I didn’t get around to working on Elwood or Khuno cowl this past week. Applying for jobs has taken all of my energies during the week. I have completed 3 applications so far. Writing a cover letter gives me so much anxiety– I’d almost rather Kitchener my hand made socks. I’m trying to remain positive and I feel better once I change the location of my current job. A rare benefit to my work commute is that I have time to knit, but after a while I prefer to just work closer to home for my sanity.

I am working on A Hundred Acre Wood socks from Alice Vu. I am completely smitten with the sock. I love it so much despite it being a toe-up design. I ripped it twice, but I am determined to make it work. I finished 2 books in the Allison Brennan series. When I find a great murder-suspense series it’s hard to share knitting time.

100 Acres Socks

Knit obsessions:

  1. The sign of a devoted knitter is when they discover holiday themed knit projects. I’m proud to confess that I have contemplated making an NFL cowl with the Scoreboard KAL with partnership with designer Michelle Hunter and Skacel Collection, Inc. The idea of it is great, but I have so many other things that I don’t want to half-way do the project.
  2. I have stalked a new-to-me designers. I’m like a dog with a bone when I find a badass knit design. Francoise aka Arohaknits on Ravelry has keen artistic eye. The layout of her website Arohaknits is impressive, fresh, and inviting. Her choice in colors and lace patterns work for me. Her presence on Instagram is spectacular. She’s working on a design right now (see pic below) Arohaknits

Knit Socks: 3 Great Reasons

Hello Knit Friends,

I have discovered an obsession to sock knitting several months ago. I have completed my fifth pair and I’m just getting warmed up. Last weekend I jokingly made fun of a heel knitting technique. I commented on a knitting group board that I wasn’t going to try a particular technique because it was over 4 pages long. So now I am politely eating my words as I printed out the directions. The finished projects look nice with this heel technique so I think I should just take a chance. The jury is still out on the outcome of the technique, but I will share soon about how I feel about it.

Why am I so crazy for socks? Here are 3 GREAT reasons

  1. Too many Ravelry sock knitalongs (KALs).Foxes in Socks and Stitch Addiction (view episode 73) podcasts is sponsoring a Single Skein wonder KAL for September 1-30, 2015. Some yummy prizes.
  2. Sock Challenges
      1. Found a new challenge Sock Sniper. IT’s for a great cause. I don’t know how I discovered it, but it is really cool. It’s almost like a mission impossible and death by knitting. You make a small contribution, receive a doisser, a pattern, then mail it to ‘the target’. The only extra challenge is that it is a global wide challenge. A great benefit is that you can sign up as a non-combatant participant and still get to see the actions of everyone around you. I hope to participate next year as an active agent. Here are the FAQs here. Deadline for sign ups: Registration will close on August 23, 2015 at Midnight (Central Time US) and for Non-Combatants on August 31 at midnight.  Battle will commence on September 1, 2015.

    Sock Sniper
    Sock Sniper
  3. Yarn Clubs– There are so many yarn clubs. Madelinetosh has both a yarn club and sweater club (Magnolia Society)– I have done the yarn club for the last two years. I like Madelinetosh because you get to vote on which colorway group that you choose. A new yarn club company I discovered is called Northbound Knitting (NKB). NBK has 6 separate yarn clubs which are open now. There are many more yarn clubs and a great way to justify ‘growing your stash’ organically. I also like getting small prizes throughout the year and being surprised.

So knitting friends…what’s share some of your joyful sock knitting moments? Is there a knitting sock technique that has you hooked? What’s your go-to sock yarn? What’s your all-time favorite sock book? Who is your favorite sock knit designer?

My Sock Favorites:

  1. Yarn club: Madelinetosh (Magnolia Society)
  2. Joyful Sock memory: modifying a sock pattern (heel) Almondine Socks
  3. Sock Yarn: Tempting Ewe (local yarn)
  4. Sock Pattern: Rose City Roller
  5. Favorite Sock Book: Socktopus by Alice Yu
  6. Latest Sock book acquisition: Custom Knit Socks
  7. Sock Designer: Kate Atherley  & Susan B. Anderson

YoP Post- Week 6


Hello knitting friends,

I am finally getting over an extended illness. Summer colds are the worst and I am thankful to be almost back to normal. The amount of meds are astounding, but the end result of breathing with ease is indescribable. 

My new blog adventure involves documenting my knitting journey each week. I can’t promise I’ll be on point each week, but making 3/4 weeks out the month is a more reasonable goal for me. I also realise that if I want this blog to flourish I will need to be a pluralistic knitter. My monogamous knitting ways are numbered.


Project sock: Simple Skyp socks using Madelinetosh sock. I’m using 2s with a modification at the gusset. The instep decrease stitches are using size 1s. I am making size 64. The Skyp stitch demands a larger needled size and this yarn provides great definition.

Book fancination: this week’s library book rental includes sock pattern madness. I purchased Sock Architecture a couple weeks ago on sale on Knit Picks.


Pattern lust: I have added several new shawl patterns and one new hat pattern I found as a knit gift. This will be included in an upcoming post.