Holiday Investments

Hi Knit Friends,

During our mood, I found my uncle’s obituary/funeral program. It hurts me still. He was my biggest cheerleader. Althought it has been many years since we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, it still upsets me whenever I want to pickup the phone amd call him. He was my hero growing up. I’m glad we spent the last years of his life getting to know each other. He treated me like an adult and asked me questions like I had something to offer. My family with the exception of my aunt still see me as the ‘little kid’. The delicate one who might break. Two years ago when my uncle dies, I broke alittle, but I still standing.

Knitting keeps me grounded. I am thankful for a lot. I am happy to have friends to stay with because my family doesn’t acknowledge my marriage or the love/committment that I have for my spouse. To be disappointed by family is something I cannot explain. I will not go crawling back to people who constantly lied to me about their feelings for my relationship. It takes a weak person to lie to my face for over a year. Hope no o one has to experience that kind of hurt. I alqays thought family is supposed to be there for you.

I’m making mittens for myself and getting rid of socks for a family member who no longer cares for me. This holiday will be different becaise I will be surrounded by people who care for mee. Knit friends I hope you a have stress-free and supportive time. Remember those who once were there for you and celebrate the new ones.


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