Not meant to be quiet

Good evening knit friends:

2017-2018 have been the hardest years I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes in recovery, people share their “rock bottom moment”. My “rock bottom moment” occurred on a Thursday morning. Leaving my house and not being able to find my car. I cried and was inconsolable. This my speak volumes to my motivation. I won’t go into detail about the financial unraveling I’ve experienced just in these last six months.

This beautiful skein is from Tempting Ewe yarns. We backed the house up to move. I am so sore from packing. One amazing discovery is finding yummy yarns. My stash has grown so much. I had 2 sock requests in exchange for financial exchange. I went back and forth on creating a Go Fund Me page. I have more friends than family. Lately some of my family has shown me that I can’t really rely on their help. We were all set to travel back to my home town (12 hrs away). Last minute bail outs was because I’m married to a woman.

Apple cake

This event with family reminded me why I chose to move many miles away. I had forgotten how cunning certain family members can be. I can’t dwell in it, all I can do is move forward. I feel most comfortable with my lovely wife than the woman who gave birth to me. Years ago, this situation may have thrown me into a depression tale spin. Not today hinwy. As my favorite knit friend said– how’s your F#%* it meter on full? She means have I reached rhe point where nothing bothers me. Every little turn is not a catastrophe. My meter so high, I’m make socks for people.

Good night everyone.


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