Knitwise November Pt.1

Hi Knit Friends,

I can’t believe it’s November already. Today while talking with a friend, I calculated that I’ve had six interviews over the last three months from four perspective places. I didn’t intend to look for a new job, but thinking of my future- being at a different spot could determine whether or not I stay in my chosen career. I’ll keep you posted when I do my big reveal next month.


October was a wasted month because I spent the last two weeks sick. I caught a nasty cold while traveling, but now it seems that I’m getting better. I’m stuck on the same socks. I found the cutest November knit prompt on IG. it’s adorable. I bought a mitten pattern by Tanis Fiber Arts last year, but I haven’t made time to do it. I really don’t like mittens and these are lined. And I’m not sure I love someone enough to gift them. My poor track record, I’d have to make 3 mittens because I’m destined to lose at least one. 

Sweet little Eddie is finally sleeping through the night. He is still a baby- a six month old. He sleeps for an hour or two at a time when we are home. It has been an adjustment. I don’t see how people manage little people and animals. It’s fun to watch the cats deal with him. Eddie has no sense of personal space. He likes to play bite or hug up on our cats. Luckily for them that they have feline jumping power to get away. 


My good mood has extended into the weekday. Last night I surprised me wife by cooking collards and fried tilapia. I made spaghetti for fun to enjoy for lunch too. The beauty of making two meals is that I can freeze part of it. The greens were exceptional. I’m sure it won’t be a repeat because I have cracked the code for the right amount of seasoning. I can kill a pan of Mac and cheese with my eyes closed. 

New Knit surprise

I found some wonderful knit projects to add to my list of dream projects. i feel like there are too many to choose from. In addition to puppy and kitten photos – knit projects bring me happiness as well. The OM shawl  I found on my feed; Gretel cardigan by Pam Allen using my favorite Quince and Co. 

Friends, what’s on your knit list? 


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