1st Book Club Plans

Hello Knit Friends,

October is almost over. 3 more days and it’s a wrap. I haven’t knitted consistently this whole month because I am still negotiating contracts to my new job. Just when I want to do a ‘big share’– some new email appears in my inbox inviting me to another interview. This time last year, was the similar song and dance as I had three interviews with no success. I can honestly say that last year’s work move was the start of me gaining confidence and being intentional about my future. The last six months has been filled with small increments of self improvement. I am not a boastful person, but I do see the benefit in acknowledging one’s hard work. 

Acknowledging one’s growth helps minimize ‘imposter syndrome’ that sometimes rears its ugly head. I tend to live in my head as a natural introvert, but will like to encourage others who have introversion tendencies to reach out to people. Reaching out for me to my small network has been so helpful. I have a friend who appointed herself head cheerleader on my encouragement squad. I am able to share ideas and strategize the next move because its healthier to communicate instead of relying on your own knowledge. The stress level becomes more manageable for me too.


I have one week to read the book assigned for my very first book club. It is exciting and scary as I don’t often share publically my thoughts on race or emotionally-intense topics. I will hopefully share my experience from my first meeting with a group of strangers. The older I get the more I realize that my voice is valuable. I may never reach the level of vocal activism, but I am becoming more mindful of the things that I contribute my time to. I can see a distinct difference of the person that I once was in my twenties into the person that I am learning to be more patient and comfortable with.

I found some lovely knitted fall options that I want to share with everyone. I feel like I want a new project that requires needle size no smaller than 8s. Donna Smith’s popular Baa-ble hat from 2015 Shetland Wool Week. I discovered some scrap yarn that would work beautifully with the pattern.

Another exciting discovery is Brooklyn Tweed’s new yarn line called Arbor. Such a refreshing and balanced colorway choice. The muted and pastel colorways from the traditional BK line didn’t really appeal to me. look below for a sneaky peak at a lovely combo of grey and yellow. 

I’m motivated to try a quick colorwork project just to test the yarn. 

What’s got your pulse racing knitwise friends? Anticipating any new patterns or books? Any ideas for starting holiday knits? 


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