Sometimes chickens knit

Hi Knit Friends,

I know it must be an amazing time if I’m already writing another post so soon. I am excited and glowing because I just had a 3 hour gab fest (aka. Gossip session) with an old school mate. Even though we work in the same city, our schedules are so busy we have a hard time meeting. I laughed so hard between taking bites of delicious Peruvian chicken. It’s always nice to catch up because my Southern accent comes out. 

I enjoyed the butternut squash casserole with lovely rice. The chicken was Lemon herb. My friend had a chicken sandwich with a salad. I’m sure I’m the pickiest eater so I chose Nandos in Chinatown. My safe eating place.

My friend doesn’t know anything about knitting, but I told her she needs a new hobby. She laughed. I probably can get her to read the book (above) I found today while looking at IG. I found the author’s page after much warranted freak out fest. I don’t know why I get so goofy over colorwork. I almost want to search for a Swedish penpal just to get my hands on this book. If the author needs an American Ambassador, I’d gladly sign up. Payment in sock yarn is a fair trade 😎

My meet up with my classmate was such fun. We talked about family and work projects. It’s so refreshing to meet people back home as I’m often reminded that manners and genuine niceties are rare in D.C. Each time we hang out we always talk about new books and articles that we’ve read. Halfway through our meeting, I’m pulling out paper to jot down notes because I certainly don’t want to miss a thing. She might have me going to another unplanned conference trip back home as a reunion. I’m filled with gratitude with my friendships. This one in particular is very heartful.

As a self prescribed ambassador, I told her that she should read Awesomely Luvvie’s I’m Judging You.

She mentioned a book called Originals by Adam Grant. I’ll be sending her an email soon about some of my other favorites. Knit friends, what good books have you read? Do you like audiobooks? 


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