When puppies cry 

Hi Knit friends,

I’ve been so busy this week. Too many deadlines and another interview. Between writing thank you notes, revising assignments and puppy training- I’m feeling empty. I’m tempted to opt for a 4day work week. I’m halfway coherent. My puppy is such a baby and wants to spend every moment glued to me. I will be figuring out how to handle his insistent barking. My puppy duties have left me with no knit time. I stayed late tonight to visit a knit friend. I got new needles to test this weekend. This rain will help me get back into knitting mode. Below are photos from IG that is knitworthy.

This one was made by IG @kelseyknits and #Fringesupplyco discovered this one. I’m a sucker for this color and it has cables.

These badass-ed sheep are a definite holiday gift. I found these on Twigandhorn website.

Wow, Another great cable knitted shawl called Icterina from my IG feed. @hunterhammersen genius at it again. Below is a unnamed project also designed by my idol Hunter. 

[Photo msg >> @Regrann from @hunterhammersen  –  These are going off to have their photo shoot soon (which means the pattern will be back out soon). Can’t wait to have them out again…there’s something so marvelous about that ever so slightly wavy leg, don’t you think? #Regrann]
What are your plans this weekend? Wine and southern cooking is on my agenda. 


One thought on “When puppies cry 

  1. knitsbywhit October 1, 2016 / 9:40 PM

    Wine and chocolate chip cookies for me 😉. Oh and lots of knitting too!

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