Cable cherry popped

Hi Knit Friends,

These last several weeks have been filled with fun and business. I’ve neglected my blog for a couple of weeks within reason. A couple of job interviews and personal commitments kept me away.

My sweet Eddie has brought so much fun and love to our lives. Just seeing his sweet face makes me melt. He made it through a couple of baby booster shots with bravery. I’m a wimp when it comes to needles and doctors. I realized that I almost maxed out my data plan by listening to audio books. And I’ve been experimenting with Twitter for the past two weekends. #SupersoulSunday got me all in my feelings with @Momastery Glennon Melton and Wes Moore’s The Work.

I managed to reach another scary knitting goal: Cables. I sat in my LYS as two friends coached me through. It was a simple 1/1 left-right basic cable. I did a deep stash dive with a 3 year old skein of Brooklyn Tweed yarn. This lovely project was inspired by @kate_1973 (via IG) — see 2nd pic. I know my photo is probably for a kiddie sized hat. P.S. I haven’t blocked it yet so it could stretch a bit.

I am very satisfied and feel like I can take on some new cable challenges. I’m looking to get the new Nora Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourebook.  It will become available in mid-October. One dear knit friend suggested I now knit a sweater. I laughed because even though I like a challenge, I’m not ready to tackle 2-in-1. I have my heart set on a Jared Flood inspired Cowichan-style vest.

The following list are some gorgeous Fall inspired pieces I’d love to knit. I might have to consider a pre-Fall retreat next year to knit for a long weekend. Photo credits are cited with IG handles in the lower left corner.

Tickleberry shawl knit by @Knottybykniture
Bough (hat) made with favorite Qunice and Co.



Pretty Alba designed by Melissa LaBarre


Eyenhat by Bristol Ivy featured KAL affliated w/ @agatheringofstitches



My knitted soul is full. What’s on your needles or stirring in your knit queue?


One thought on “Cable cherry popped

  1. Talya September 15, 2016 / 12:57 PM

    I think you could do a sweater. If you are intimidated by the thought of all those cables- you have choices! You could use the sleeves as a “sweater swatch” and put cable on the sleeves. From there- you can decide if you’ve had enough of cables (and just make a plain sweater to go with those cable sleeves), or if you like the look- you can cast on for a fully cabled sweater!

    Either way- you end up with a sweater; so there’s no down side. 😀

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