Bye August and Hello Fall Knitting

Hello Knit Friends,

I’ve ghost in August for many good reasons. My new furbaby Eddie has been settling in with the old cats Sage & Pumpkin. I made great strides in accomplishing my career goals of presenting at a library conference. It was hard work and exciting. I’m so addicted now. There is a possibility of two trips next summer to do the madness again. Interviews and school have taken over my life in August so there has been hardly any knitting. I’m experiencing knitting blues again. I define Knitting blues as a state of perpetual sadness after finishing a knitting project.  I have read two separate posts from fellow IG knit bloggers littleminky93 and This Knitted Life who have talked about Fall Knitting lineups. I’d love to share my Fall knitting list with everyone:

A possible knitting crush visit to nearby LYS in early September to meet Jared Flood. I want to give him love for his  Cowichan-style Knitalong vest he created during   last year. I’m so sick-in-love with this man’s mind. I’m crazy in love with the colorwork and steeking doesn’t look too scary.


My office is super crazy cold this summer, so I can never have enough cowls or shawls. I have my eye on this beauty that I found


I enjoy Fall weather so much and fell in love with boot liners. I am going to make sure to get a pair of nice & durable fallish/winter boots for casual wear. Pam Allen’s Honey Boot Liners. These have been on my list for at least six months.


I feel like being bold…cutting my hair so that I can actually start wear more hats. I loved having short hair for this reason. I can’t make it out to the Shetland Wool Festival, but they have their annual knit themed free pattern. I’m salivating over Ella Gordon’s Crofthoose Hat.  (image:top) Another lovely hat that has my affection is Louise Robert’s Nova Scotian Sheeps pattern hat & gloves (image: bottom photo credit by Biscotte Yarns)

I feel like I’m on time out with socks….

Don’t tell my sock knitting friends. I couldn’t get my brain to configure gauge. I re-knit half a sock twice of Hunter Hammersen’s Marooned sock. I think I’m putting it on ice. I’m too tired to remake it in my size. I think it would be better gifted. I’m sure I’ll probably make another post soon to celebrate September’s arrival. I’m feeling the urge to make a shawl. Knit friends, what’s on your needles? Any sweaters in your future?










#knit intentions

Hello lovely knit friends,

August is almost over and it had thoroughly kicked my asparagus  *sighs* One of the many things that I am grateful for is my new furbaby Eddie. A sweet pomeranian. 

I’ve only had him for about a week and I don’t miss my sleep that much. He has such an awesome personality and the cats are slowly warming up to him. There is an unspoken agreement and Eddie had felt the need to chase them yet. I’m so happy to have a little face to come home to. Cats are great, but sweet puppies make the world bareable.

And the Olympics was come and gone and I haven’t done a lot of knitting. I’m sad, but understandably Eddie has shifted my priorities. I won’t miss my Thursday knit night so hopefully I’ll be back on my schedule. I’m stick knee deep in my Hunter Hammersen socks Marooned. I managed to suck it up and re-knit them the right size. If they don’t fit then they will be the best gift for somebody.

#Ravellenics2016 Never have it everĀ 

Hi Knit friends,

Never have I ever been so excited about this year’s Ravellenics. What better way to mix and match the Olympics with knitting. I have fond memories of my first Olympics in 1996. It was in Atlanta and I managed to get a job as a parking lot attendent. It was a great start of my work journey. Alas, I picked up knitting several years later. I’m excited to be on a team related to my LYS. Ironically I’m using Brooklyn Tweed that I bought 3 years ago. I like the way it holds texture, but not the way it feels. It’s good that there are plenty of yarn choices for crafters. Perhaps I’ll change my mind if I find a knit worthy object. 

My first Ravellenics project is #eventhat the lovely This or That Hat I found on IG designed by Melissa Schaschwary. I’m doing a new technique using a provisional cast-on. I sat at my LYS for support while casting on the project. It looks like smooth sailing so far. The yellow waste yarn holds the live stitches. I even talked a couple of friends into joining #teamwhostemptingewe2016