Knitting + Courtesy flushes

Hello Knit friends,


I have had an interesting week filled with business and surprises. I was shocked that this week went by faster than I’d liked. I’m not trying to rush things, but my favorite day of the week is Thursday. Thursday is knit night at my LYS. It is a place where I can ‘download’ from the busy week. Knit nite for me is the equivalent of a man’s Poker Nite. Yes– I’m using sexist language too. I enjoy knit nite because our gang always plays “never have I ever” or at least conversations that I’ve had at knit nite would make a priest blush.

In the past, I have shared that knitting has become my meditation. Going to knit nite and hanging out with the ladies is fun because I feel no stress or drama. I will admit that I might ‘misbehave’ at times, but it is always in good company. Many belly laughs are shared amongst friends.

Now for the story of courtesy flushes…

My knit friend Dae and I talked about the common protocol for using public restrooms. She is in the #teamcourtesyflush and I’m with #teamIllflushwhenready. Here is a morsel of our conversation:

Me: I hate when people walk into the restroom and choose the stall right next to me. There are 3 other ones perfectly vacant

Dae: Yeah, that’s seriously a violation

Me: If they want to sit next to me, we might as well make it a community rest-stop where everyone sits in a circle and poops.

Dae: I do believe in courtesy flushes…

Me: What…no way. What happens in the WC stays there. If I am dropping a hot one I need no interruptions… courtesy flushes included

We had one lady that was so tickled with laughter that she announced that she’d never heard of courtesy flushes. See knit friends…. who knew what useful non-knitworthy things you can discover.

Below is my missed contribution to Wednesday’s #HumpdayKnitting

After finishing the test knitted hat, I’ve decided to try the Shetland hat with colorwork this time… Plus excitement for the upcoming Spring sock by Hunter Hamersen’s (unnamed). I’m trying to find the best Tempting Ewe colorway. It’s probably a denim blue with sparkles. (i.e. click the photo to see caption. All photos are credited by IG in the corner left hand side).




3 thoughts on “Knitting + Courtesy flushes

  1. Talya July 29, 2016 / 5:10 PM

    I believe in courtesy flushing, but not because someone just entered the stall next to you. I believe you should flush after your first friend hits the pool. No exceptions.

    That friend has been with you the longest, and he’s the smelliest, and also usually the biggest of the bunch. Flush right after him. This will cut down on any smells, and also lessen your chance of clogging the toilet. The last thing you want in ANY pool situation (whether it be in public, or at a friend’s house) is to overflow the toilet.

    • Ge Ge July 29, 2016 / 5:17 PM

      Wow….I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip. I normally will go to a different floor with less traffic.

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