#Humpdayknitting Pt.2

Hello Knit Friends,

#Humpdayknitting formerly known as Wednesday is finally upon us. ICE CREAM + NEW LOC Librarian + FABULOUS KNITTING = HUMPDAYKNITTING!!! While being under the weather this weekend,  my wife took care of me by introducing me to a “new-to-me” favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream >> Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch. It is coffee ice cream (chocolate too), fudge-covered toffee pieces. IT is sooooo good.

Today is also amazing because President Obama’s nomination for our newest Librarian of Congress is an ‘actual librarian’ and has had many years of experience working for large urban library systems. I have yet to meet her, but I already feel I’ve directly benefited from her leadership because of my regular usage of Baltimore city and county library systems.

History today

Next is a list of beautiful #knitworthy found on my IG feed. Feel free to find me @fierybug08



Everyone knows I’m a sucker for stripes & rainbows. This sock was made with lovely Tanis Fiber Arts yarn and  I am determined to try out by the end of the year.



Lastly, I discovered this lovely sock made by a fellow knitter friend. The lovely sock called Tennarisukka designed by Taina Anttila on Ravelry. It was original made for 1 yarn color, but my knit friend has wonderful color work artistry. She’s used 1 solid (gold) and 1 variegated color. I super excited to see them done. Her grandchildren will definitely be the talk of the yard. Knit friends, what’s on your needles? What yarn has you salivating?



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