Join me in Ravellenic Games 2016

Hello Knit Friends,

Who’s ready for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016?!? While in the bed sick yesterday, I did watch some Olympic trials of the men and women’s swimming competition. I will say that I don’t think I have the ability to do competitive swimming. It was awesome watching an underdog grab the qualifying time away from a veteran swimmer like Ryan Lochte. I am super excited to announce that I would like to create a Ravellenic Games 2016 team of my own. I’m not super competitive, but I like having fun challenges even if it means a finished item will come out of this. Check out the details of the 2016 Ravellenic Games 


This year the moderators have promised it to be simple. There are 15 categories. The following list are ones that interest me the most

  • Sock-Put (eventsock)
    Any pairs of socks, stockings, tights, knee-highs, legwarmers, slippers, etc can go here. We do ask that, for consistency and fairness, that these must all be pairs. Holiday stockings can be entered in Household Heptathalon.
  • WIPs Wrestling (eventwips)
    Any project that was started before the Games that is finished during these Games qualifies here. Reminder: Any item entered into WIPs Wrestling cannot be entered into any other event.
  • Hat Dash (eventhat)
    Any hats and headgear: berets, tams, skullcaps, slouchy hats, headbands, etc. will qualify here.

Knit friends, what do you have planned this year? I would love to make a cute headband.

Ravellenic Games is not an official event of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games and is being independently organised by your volunteer mod team.


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