Self-care & Inadequacy

Hi Knit friends,

Excuse me while I shuffle to capture a small amount of self-care in this crazy media driven world. I woke up this morning feeling very inadequate in dealing with the recent news of police brutality. Below was my plea to my FB friends…

written by @fierybug08 on FB

one answer that I found acceptable, but not a cure for the emotions that I feel….


a few friends shared their own stories, but I am still left feeling uneasy. I haven’t watched the video and I do not have plans to watch it. I want something done so that it won’t be me the next time trying to explain to my nieces/nephew or sisters why our loved ones are being taken out for their mere existence. I’ve also come to realize that this is a one year anniversary of several youth/young black adults who lost their lives too. I am still disgusted because Baltimore has yet to hold officials accountable for Freddie Gray and will not be surprised if the recent shooting in Louisiana gets ignored too. I am trying to pray for a glimmer  of hope and belief that this world will be better despite all this evil. I’m among the ones who have choosen to unplug from social media, reach out to family, and strive to believe that goodness will outweigh the nightmares such as this.


One thought on “Self-care & Inadequacy

  1. Midnight Knitter July 9, 2016 / 6:55 PM

    I did watch the video and my heart is broken. Hugs to you through the internet. I will speak out, and vote, for change.

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