#Humpdayknitting cures the hurt

Hello Knit friends,


Today is Wednesday, but I’ve renamed it “Hump Day knitting”. I’ll own up to my 2 week hiatus from knitting. I feel like I’ve been avoiding knitting. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been ‘adulting’ with BIG GIRL DRAWERS. Why is this significant?!?! BECAUSE normally it would have taken someone else to draw me out of my funk. Today as I logged on IG, my timeline exploded with beautiful knitting. I’m a big believer in the psychology of color. My discovery of knitting socks last year has been one of the best mood changers. It has lessened my stress level and occupied my mind from negative people. So, I declare future Wednesdays will reserved for “Hump Day Knitting”– where I give shout outs to knit items that tickle my knitting bones. Susan Anderson is a ‘sock knitting goddess’ that I discovered earlier in my knitting sock journey. She has an amazing way of designing and pairing yarns to patterns. Smooth Operator Sock is the name of the pattern being sold at a discount, but well worth full price. The details of the yarn she uses and pictures of each step of sock construction is included in the pattern. This is the best well-spent treasure.



Other examples of “Hump Day knitting” joy are below. (Top- Jared Flood (untitled vest); Bottom-ArohaKnits (WIP- unsure of name). I have been salivating for six months on Jared’s new design that he’s been working on. This is definitely an item that I’d love to sink my teeth in to push me over the edge for garment knitting. I like Arohaknits’ shawl because of the color work and texture. Give me some colorwork and needles: I’ll be inspired and happy. Knit friends, what do you consider #knitworthy #humpdayknitting



***notes: all photos shared here are from Instagram and credited by IG handle.


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