Knitting + Courtesy flushes

Hello Knit friends,


I have had an interesting week filled with business and surprises. I was shocked that this week went by faster than I’d liked. I’m not trying to rush things, but my favorite day of the week is Thursday. Thursday is knit night at my LYS. It is a place where I can ‘download’ from the busy week. Knit nite for me is the equivalent of a man’s Poker Nite. Yes– I’m using sexist language too. I enjoy knit nite because our gang always plays “never have I ever” or at least conversations that I’ve had at knit nite would make a priest blush.

In the past, I have shared that knitting has become my meditation. Going to knit nite and hanging out with the ladies is fun because I feel no stress or drama. I will admit that I might ‘misbehave’ at times, but it is always in good company. Many belly laughs are shared amongst friends.

Now for the story of courtesy flushes…

My knit friend Dae and I talked about the common protocol for using public restrooms. She is in the #teamcourtesyflush and I’m with #teamIllflushwhenready. Here is a morsel of our conversation:

Me: I hate when people walk into the restroom and choose the stall right next to me. There are 3 other ones perfectly vacant

Dae: Yeah, that’s seriously a violation

Me: If they want to sit next to me, we might as well make it a community rest-stop where everyone sits in a circle and poops.

Dae: I do believe in courtesy flushes…

Me: What…no way. What happens in the WC stays there. If I am dropping a hot one I need no interruptions… courtesy flushes included

We had one lady that was so tickled with laughter that she announced that she’d never heard of courtesy flushes. See knit friends…. who knew what useful non-knitworthy things you can discover.

Below is my missed contribution to Wednesday’s #HumpdayKnitting

After finishing the test knitted hat, I’ve decided to try the Shetland hat with colorwork this time… Plus excitement for the upcoming Spring sock by Hunter Hamersen’s (unnamed). I’m trying to find the best Tempting Ewe colorway. It’s probably a denim blue with sparkles. (i.e. click the photo to see caption. All photos are credited by IG in the corner left hand side).




Adventures of #testknitting 2

Hi knit friends,

This weekend was nice and quiet because of the hot temperature. I spent time knitting a quick hat, Kakano designed by Francoise aka Frenchie of Arohaknits. I like projects like this that provide texture. The lovely Madelinetosh BFL/ DK silk Marigold colorway was a yummy combination. The mashup of purl & knit stitches makes a quick gratifying project. I’ve set a record for most completed projects for 2016. This is getting me prepared for the upcoming Ravellenic Games. The pattern will be out at the end of the month. 


#humpdayknitting 3

Hello Knit friends,

Another round of sharing my magical knitworthy finds on Wednesday. IG has become my go-to prescription for easing out of a funk. Normally it’s about that time of year my mood is more sensitive. Consider the following photo my “official” shout out to my favorite sock yarn created by two talented women. Both in the own rights have a creative combo that springs forth drool worthy knit items. 

The mascot of Tempting Ewe Yarns is named Ge Ge. She’s cute like me. 🙂 most of my new socks have been used with Tempting Ewe colorways. Later this year the indie dyers hope to have a digital store front. 

Today I am late in revealing my favorite knitworthy picks. Two beautiful hats 

By @dandiliongrl called This and That found on @kate_1973 IG feed. I like textures and I plan to cut my hair soon. This will be a great fit.

Another great design by @arohaknits. The yellow hat is dazzling. Kakano hat is currently in tester mode, but definitely will be on my needles once released. 

These beauties were found on @suffocksocks. I don’t know the name of them, but they are dpn holders and can be purchased from her store. I am adding this to my Christmas list.

Lastly say hello to Eddie, our future furbaby. He has a playful personality and is coming home August 16, 2016. A delightful anniversary gift.

#Humpdayknitting Pt.2

Hello Knit Friends,

#Humpdayknitting formerly known as Wednesday is finally upon us. ICE CREAM + NEW LOC Librarian + FABULOUS KNITTING = HUMPDAYKNITTING!!! While being under the weather this weekend,  my wife took care of me by introducing me to a “new-to-me” favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream >> Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch. It is coffee ice cream (chocolate too), fudge-covered toffee pieces. IT is sooooo good.

Today is also amazing because President Obama’s nomination for our newest Librarian of Congress is an ‘actual librarian’ and has had many years of experience working for large urban library systems. I have yet to meet her, but I already feel I’ve directly benefited from her leadership because of my regular usage of Baltimore city and county library systems.

History today

Next is a list of beautiful #knitworthy found on my IG feed. Feel free to find me @fierybug08



Everyone knows I’m a sucker for stripes & rainbows. This sock was made with lovely Tanis Fiber Arts yarn and  I am determined to try out by the end of the year.



Lastly, I discovered this lovely sock made by a fellow knitter friend. The lovely sock called Tennarisukka designed by Taina Anttila on Ravelry. It was original made for 1 yarn color, but my knit friend has wonderful color work artistry. She’s used 1 solid (gold) and 1 variegated color. I super excited to see them done. Her grandchildren will definitely be the talk of the yard. Knit friends, what’s on your needles? What yarn has you salivating?


Join me in Ravellenic Games 2016

Hello Knit Friends,

Who’s ready for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016?!? While in the bed sick yesterday, I did watch some Olympic trials of the men and women’s swimming competition. I will say that I don’t think I have the ability to do competitive swimming. It was awesome watching an underdog grab the qualifying time away from a veteran swimmer like Ryan Lochte. I am super excited to announce that I would like to create a Ravellenic Games 2016 team of my own. I’m not super competitive, but I like having fun challenges even if it means a finished item will come out of this. Check out the details of the 2016 Ravellenic Games 


This year the moderators have promised it to be simple. There are 15 categories. The following list are ones that interest me the most

  • Sock-Put (eventsock)
    Any pairs of socks, stockings, tights, knee-highs, legwarmers, slippers, etc can go here. We do ask that, for consistency and fairness, that these must all be pairs. Holiday stockings can be entered in Household Heptathalon.
  • WIPs Wrestling (eventwips)
    Any project that was started before the Games that is finished during these Games qualifies here. Reminder: Any item entered into WIPs Wrestling cannot be entered into any other event.
  • Hat Dash (eventhat)
    Any hats and headgear: berets, tams, skullcaps, slouchy hats, headbands, etc. will qualify here.

Knit friends, what do you have planned this year? I would love to make a cute headband.

Ravellenic Games is not an official event of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games and is being independently organised by your volunteer mod team.

Self-care Weekend

Hi Knit friends,

I hope all is well with everyone. I am still working on self-care options to help alleviate the fatigue that I have felt for past several days. Despite my regular abstaining from watching new outlets, my body/mind/spirit feels shaken. I can’t articulate these feelings now, but I know that self-care is the antidote for me to lift the heaviness. I try my best not to make this blog a political soapbox and I leave additional tools people may want to use to help manage the outpouring of civil unrest.

Five things I plan to do this weekend:

  1. Knit some socks
  2. Limit television intake
  3. Consciously have quiet-time while doing self-care activities
  4. Sleep in BOTH days
  5. Laugh


Self-Care Update


Read the full article here by JustJasmineBlog

Another important article I found by Fabian Romero— how to do self-care while learning about oppression.

Knit friends, what’s on your agenda? Any plans for renewal during the weekend?


#knitworthy Goodbyes

Hi Knit friends,

Parting is always sorrowful when you meet good people. Making new friends is difficult for me because I have a reputation for being fickle. My personality is the equivalent of quirky Phoebe Buffay from Friends and a swirl of Essence Atkin’s character Susanne from “Are We There Yet” series. I’ve accepted this reality in my mid-twenties, but it sure does make befriending people harder. I don’t believe that “like personalities”attract “like”. I believe like equals boring. I married opposite and my small circle of eclectic friendships have survived. I’m pulling for my new friend S to be a lifer.


This project was completed a couple of months ago, but it took me a while to block it. No hard thing to do, but I can only assume my resistance is tied to reluctance to saying goodbye and letting go. New Friend S picked out the color for the project. I don’t know where my new friend will land geographically, but I am comforted by her knitworthy reputation. Then Comes Spring shawl has great meaning because it’s my first test knit that I completed within the testing date timeline. Knit friends, what is your favorite quick knit for gifts? Do you have knit gift limitations (i.e. socks for immediate family only).