Cure for Knitting Blues

Hi knit friends,

After a good birthday week, I feel like I am crawling to the bitter end of this week. I left work a couple of hours earlier today for some R&R. Date night at a local spot seemed to be the cure. I mostly called date nite when i feel like my life is going on autopilot. My wife and I enjoy eating especially if we arent cooking.


What a wonderful Ahi Tuna salad with wasabi salad dressing. I had boring Fish & Chips, but the company was entertaining. We also managed to save room for dessert by packing up half the dinner.


I had half of the chocoloate topped cheesecake. I’m not fond of chocolate desserts, but my wife loves rich chocolate. I’ve officially banned chocolate from the house because she’d probably just try to live off of it alone.

My knitting blues has me in my feelings. I completely screwed up in the Tour de Sock competition and I feel bad about it. Im not a fan of failure or not being able to resolve my knitting problem with the week 1 sock. Knitting feels like a puzzle. The twist and turns of stitches is my meditation. There is beauty in the configuration of stitches. Knitting is like the Symphony of crafts. The bright smile at finishing a project gives me peace. My plan is to continue to sulk and maybe try a brand new sock pattern without amy attachments to a competition. I do my best knitting without having a KAL or potential prize looming over my head. Below are two photos from IG that is distracting my knit blues feelings.


The sock above i found on IG and I think its a Cookie A pattern. And I’m also stalking admiring Hunter Hammersen’s new sock reveals. Looking at Hunter’s parterns always inspire me. Last week she had some fabulous sneak peak of a WIP design. Love love her design sense.


Its projects like this that makes me happy. A beautiful project I plan to make for my friend. I’m new to cables and Hunter has a dazzling fresh pattern to tickle my fancy…now to run to my stash and grab some coffee.



One thought on “Cure for Knitting Blues

  1. alexand knits June 18, 2016 / 10:12 AM

    I especially love the cables on those mitts. I haven’t seen any quite like them before.

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