June Dreams

Hello knit friends,

Today I celebrated 35 years of living. I really enjoying getting older, which is something I never thought I’d say. I have spent the last year doing things that scare me. I contribute listening to Shonda Rhimes recent book “Year of Yes. I love encouraging stories and I draw strength from hearing about the success of others. I stumbled upon a quote that I feel will anchor me and allow me to get through difficult times.

Wisdom can be found in communities that rely on its members shared experiences as a way to navigate life. Although I have one day the denotes the anniversary of my existence, I am choosing to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of June. Last year I took a spinning class as a present for myself. This year I have chosen to attend a new writer’s group. I am embracing finding my voice again and it is very exciting. I am honored for all the people who have contributed to my growth as a person. My gift of gratitude is what I want to give to others. The following things I lessons are things I’ve been discovering as I’m getting older:

  1. Laughter heals everything for me.
  2. Gratitude is the antidote for depression
  3. Loneliness is a distraction from your purpose
  4. Doing nothing intensifies procrastination, writing a plan is a step towards alleviating anxiety
  5. Knitting is my meditation
  6. Creating community is an important aspect for my personal journey in life and an act of leaving behind a legacy
  7. Self-care is the most important aspect for maintaining work/life balance

While declaring knitting as my mediation and the thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction, it can also be a struggle. I made 3 separate attempts to make a sock for Tour de Sock challenge and have failed. I think I will burn the skein…that’s how frustrated I have gotten. This is my frustrated face:

I need a fast knitting project to calm my nerves. Knit friends, what do you do when you have a project that drives you crazy? What are some ‘golden nuggets’ pf wisdom that you have discovered in life?

Current reads:

  • UnWorthy: Stop hating yourself by Anneli Rufus
  • The Road less traveled and beyond: spiritual growth in an age of anxiety by M. Scott Peck






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