Pat Summit : A Legacy


As a child, the most brilliant person that I have always wanted to meet in person was Pat Summit. It hurts my heart to come to terms with a woman who lost her life too soon. As a kid, I spent summers playing basketball and talking about how one day I wanted to watch the Lady Vols play. I’ve read a couple of her books where she shares stories of growing up in a community that thought very little of woman. She played basketball when women were only allowed to play half court and in skirts. She gave her heart and soul to a vision of greatness. She may have had only one biological son, but she inspired dreams and mentored many daughters. She will forever be remember as one to demand excellence, hard work, determination, and heart. Today the world lost a wonderful person. She lived an exemplary life that will never be forgotten. Her stories and legacy will live on.



July of Hunter

Hi Knit Friends,

I’ve missed everyone so much. My normal blogging schedule hasn’t been happening. The frequency of posts is largely based on my moods. I try to be positive or at least ‘act-as-if’. This mantra I adopted from a mentor.

My last post I shared my disappointment with a sock pattern. Most of it was my fault and now I have found myself brooding. My knitting juju is low, but I can always count on IG to lift my spirits. The fabulous Hunter Hammersen just posted a mouth-watering knit worthy sock. I don’t even know the name of it. All I know is I’m obsessed with her design brilliance. She truly has a gift of balancing colors and capturing the right vantage point of a knitted object.


One day I’ll get to meet her. I missed her by a week because I was on vacation. I’ve never made cables…so this sock is a definite potential. I will even take classes just to do this sock.

So July will be the month of knitting a Hunter Hammersen design. I’ve already bought several patterns, but I’m on a yarn diet so I’ll definitely be stash diving. I’ve stalled on the Hermione sock. I love the yarn, I just can’t focus on one project.

Melanie Berg's Ingwer

I feel so guilty when I pick up another project, but the Ingwer shawl is bothering me. The pattern is well written, it’s the repetitive nature of 2 main stitch sequences. I like the texture of the shawl, but I need distraction of a fairisle sock. Knit friends how do you balance repetitive patterns? Big needle projects, one skein wonders, or crochet?

Cure for Knitting Blues

Hi knit friends,

After a good birthday week, I feel like I am crawling to the bitter end of this week. I left work a couple of hours earlier today for some R&R. Date night at a local spot seemed to be the cure. I mostly called date nite when i feel like my life is going on autopilot. My wife and I enjoy eating especially if we arent cooking.


What a wonderful Ahi Tuna salad with wasabi salad dressing. I had boring Fish & Chips, but the company was entertaining. We also managed to save room for dessert by packing up half the dinner.


I had half of the chocoloate topped cheesecake. I’m not fond of chocolate desserts, but my wife loves rich chocolate. I’ve officially banned chocolate from the house because she’d probably just try to live off of it alone.

My knitting blues has me in my feelings. I completely screwed up in the Tour de Sock competition and I feel bad about it. Im not a fan of failure or not being able to resolve my knitting problem with the week 1 sock. Knitting feels like a puzzle. The twist and turns of stitches is my meditation. There is beauty in the configuration of stitches. Knitting is like the Symphony of crafts. The bright smile at finishing a project gives me peace. My plan is to continue to sulk and maybe try a brand new sock pattern without amy attachments to a competition. I do my best knitting without having a KAL or potential prize looming over my head. Below are two photos from IG that is distracting my knit blues feelings.


The sock above i found on IG and I think its a Cookie A pattern. And I’m also stalking admiring Hunter Hammersen’s new sock reveals. Looking at Hunter’s parterns always inspire me. Last week she had some fabulous sneak peak of a WIP design. Love love her design sense.


Its projects like this that makes me happy. A beautiful project I plan to make for my friend. I’m new to cables and Hunter has a dazzling fresh pattern to tickle my fancy…now to run to my stash and grab some coffee.


Knitter’s Rule of 3

Hi Knitting friends,


Last week was good as I celebrated turning another year older. This is probably the first time in a long time that I didn’t fret. I’m not sure if this will be a common theme, but I shall remain hopeful. In my old age, I’ve discovered that I tend to like rules. Or rather ‘suggestions’. In knitting especially it’s good to have a well developed pattern to follow and preferrably one that has a chart. The picture above is my 3rd attempt at making Melanie Berg’s Ingwer. I was swept away by the imagery, but for the life of me cannot keep my wits about me to get into a rhythm with this pattern. I’m certain it’s all my fault as I commute at least 2 hours daily and my wandering mind is to blame. My knitting ‘mishaps’ which I am susceptible of doing. My rule of 3 means there are 3 attempts to a project before I cry “UNCLE.”

Here is exhibition of my other WIPs. June might be a continuation of finishing. I struck out with Tour de Sock.

WIP 1: Tour de Sock: Week 1
Start date: 6/2/2016

Tour de Sock: Week one

WIP 2: Lilli Pilli Wrap
Start date: February 2016
Comments: I have to pull back 3 rows of lace.

WIP 3: Wandering Sock
Start date: March 2016
Comment: wonder way to start toe-up, but I lack motivation.


So friends, What’s got your pants in a twist? How many times do you give a retry? Sometimes I find myself dreaming about needing projects to avoid the lousy project that stumps me. What’s on your needles?

June Dreams

Hello knit friends,

Today I celebrated 35 years of living. I really enjoying getting older, which is something I never thought I’d say. I have spent the last year doing things that scare me. I contribute listening to Shonda Rhimes recent book “Year of Yes. I love encouraging stories and I draw strength from hearing about the success of others. I stumbled upon a quote that I feel will anchor me and allow me to get through difficult times.

Wisdom can be found in communities that rely on its members shared experiences as a way to navigate life. Although I have one day the denotes the anniversary of my existence, I am choosing to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of June. Last year I took a spinning class as a present for myself. This year I have chosen to attend a new writer’s group. I am embracing finding my voice again and it is very exciting. I am honored for all the people who have contributed to my growth as a person. My gift of gratitude is what I want to give to others. The following things I lessons are things I’ve been discovering as I’m getting older:

  1. Laughter heals everything for me.
  2. Gratitude is the antidote for depression
  3. Loneliness is a distraction from your purpose
  4. Doing nothing intensifies procrastination, writing a plan is a step towards alleviating anxiety
  5. Knitting is my meditation
  6. Creating community is an important aspect for my personal journey in life and an act of leaving behind a legacy
  7. Self-care is the most important aspect for maintaining work/life balance

While declaring knitting as my mediation and the thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction, it can also be a struggle. I made 3 separate attempts to make a sock for Tour de Sock challenge and have failed. I think I will burn the skein…that’s how frustrated I have gotten. This is my frustrated face:

I need a fast knitting project to calm my nerves. Knit friends, what do you do when you have a project that drives you crazy? What are some ‘golden nuggets’ pf wisdom that you have discovered in life?

Current reads:

  • UnWorthy: Stop hating yourself by Anneli Rufus
  • The Road less traveled and beyond: spiritual growth in an age of anxiety by M. Scott Peck