#MadMay Chicken

Hello knitting Friends,

To say MadMay was fun is an understatement. I’m sad about the lack of “cast-on” for MadMay project, but happy because I’ve extended my cast off project progress from April to May as well. My May has been filled with both knitting shawls and socks.

I even found time to squeeze in a lovely vacation with both my sister and wife. Nothing can replace my love for Georgia. We indulged in sweet tea, Gopher chocolates of Savannah and lovely seafood. I am a picky eater, but am glad that I’ve developed an appreciation for calamari.


In Savannah we had fun with yummy seafood and our second trip involved badass (good) tacos. My friends can confirm by disdain for the lack of authentic Mexican in the DMV area. My uncle exclaimed in disbelief that “surely Baltimore has to have Mexicans.” Alas no…but they have variations of South American cuisine. My “fickle palette” does not have the courage to try other South American cuisines. Perhaps an upcoming bucket list will do the trick.


Works in Progress:
I didn’t get as much knitting done during my vacation as I would have liked, but most of knit time was relegated to waiting in the airport. Plus on my last night with comfort for good old cinnamon whisky.


These lovely socks should have been done, but unfortunately I’m making these for a friend and neglected to get foot measurements. They are almost done, but I need her to try the second sock on for confirmation.


I also need to make better notes for the socks. I know for the decrease after the gusset does not follow the schematics of the regular s,m,lg formula. Oh well, it will get finished. Average sock knitting for me is 2 weeks. I love the pattern, I just think I’ve had too many knit interruptions. It’s nothing for me to knit for 3 hours straight.

Yarn chicken highlight:
Rarely have I ever lost in a game of yarn chicken. For knit newbies, yarn chicken is defined as the yardage at the end of a skein. The ability for a knitter to chance finishing a new row with the end yardage (playing chicken) or starting the new row with a fresh skein. It’s the equivalent of avoiding breaking a money bill by searching feverishly for loose change in your wallet or car.



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