Weekend Magic

Hi Knit Friends,

Lately, the weather has been the pits, but thank goodness we finally got sunshine today. I enjoyed time with my dear friend Kris** whose sweet dog Taco is the best.


Taco is so hyper, but is generous with his kisses. He loves human food too. He was great company as Kris and I sat on her deck knitting socks. It’s so much fun to spend time with friends that have similar knit preferences. Kris has amazing skills with altering patterns. This is my least likable thing to do in knitting. I also got a chance to see and hold her chicken. 


Between entertaining her dogs and helping with minor yarn work >> I had an enjoyable Saturday. I also managed to work on  a tan. It’s sad I haven’t had enough sun so when it finally shows up I tan super easy. I’m sure I should take a before and after picture for my upcoming beach trip.

I’m still working on my Lilli Pilli and the color combinations are finally growing on me. It’s definitely been a labor of love and probably something I’ll give away as the colors aren’t in my wheel house. No pictures today of the project, but coming soon.


One thought on “Weekend Magic

  1. Nicky May 15, 2016 / 1:12 PM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. The weather’s been sucky here too … lots of rain; I’m hoping for some sun soon so I can photography my blanket gift.

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