Purple Moods

Dear Knit Friends,

Purple Moods
Photo credit: http://www.queerty.com

This is a sad time of many of us. When we lose a person who has the capacity to communicate emotions about the craziness of life through musical instruments and facial expressions. Who walks in a room and can command a space. Prince is and will always be a icon. It makes me sad inside…maybe even moodier than when we lost Michael Jackson. I will not pretend to know all things Prince. Many in my family and friends mourn this untimely death of a beautiful spirit. He represented so much more. His legacy is epic and will be like a drop in a pond to transcend time.  Below are article shared among my friend group. Please feel free to comment and contribute to this link.

From Prince’s words. photo credit: Addicted to Prince Nelson Rogers Nelson FB group https://www.facebook.com/loversofprincerogersnelson4/?fref=photo


Additional links:

The Undefeated (by Kelley L. Carter)– https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-undefeated/pop-life/1687932538125425

Questlove’s favorite Prince story- https://youtu.be/WfhoI6iX5ng

Scott Wood***– https://scottwoodsmakeslists.wordpress.com/2016/04/22/prince-little-weird-black-boy-gods/

Awesomely Luvie – http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/2016/04/prince-petty.html 

Minnesota Public Radio– http://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2016/04/22/hear-princes-catalogue-starting-at-6-pm-friday

IBT- Prince and Copyright issues- http://www.ibtimes.com/how-prince-fought-music-industry-internet-career-fraught-legal-battles-control-2358163#discussion

Photo credit: http://www.soundspike.com

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