Yarn Diets & Market Day


Good morning Knit Friends,

It is soooo early in the morning, any time before 10am is too early for me. I had an eventual weekend. You know the weekends where exciting things happen back to back and you feel like you need a break from the weekend you had for double rest? I don’t have children so I certainly should have been okay, but alas it must mean I am getting old as my energy levels are fluctuating. I am super excited to announce that I finished and photographed (one) knit projects. This is a rare occurrence as my normal MO is to finish and take a poor photo with bad lighting. Normally it takes me one month to do finishing tasks with a decent photo.


MarigoldJen dyed yarns was delicious to knit with. The 80/20 merino/nylon blend is perfect for  my go-to sock yarn. Durability trumps colorway whenever I seek to purchase yarn. The worst thing about sock knitting is when sock reach their expiration date. I’m determined to make handmade socks last and making cashmere-free socks works best for me.

Market day at Cloverhill Yarn Shop is one of my favorite things. Each year I bring my stash of wayward yarn. I brought 2 medium sized bags and left with 3 skeins. I made $75 and took home some swapped yarn. This is the best way to start a year diet. I think 6 month; mid-year yarn diets are most effective and realistic for me. I tried doing a year long yarn diet and only lasted for 8 months. Knit friends, what works best for you?

I ate so much this past weekend that I’ve gone to bed without dinner last night. I went to Foundering Farmers on last Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I was happy to get a reservation and it still took us 15 mins to getting seating. The food was delicious. Anytime you can get cornbread as an appetizer it’s always “win-win.” I’m not used to having cornbread with actually corn kernels cooked into the bread. The bread was moist with a hint of sweetness. The honey butter was home churned. I really wanted to devour the entire dish, but saved it for home as I ate my Avocado Bacon Cheese burger (sorry no pics).



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