#knitpalpitations Thursday


Hi Knit Friends,

It seems that April has been full of ups and downs in my knitwise world. I think that I’ve handled my polygamous knitting gracefully. I met two project deadlines on time with some time to spare. I am currently fighting with the yarn…not the yarn’s fault (mine). My anticipation for finishing has caused me to make silly mistakes. The photo above shows how I decrease the vanilla socks differently. This has to be skills >> or at least the universe’s idea of telling me that learning 2AAT socks is on the horizon. The red circles above show how I inverted the decrease stitches so the left sock is perfectly finished, but the right sock (in photo) shows the stitches have been inverted. I can put my finger in the seams on the right sock to show that these are absolutely wrong.

What do you do when you forget a technique or don’t write notes to remind you where to go back? I admit to being lazy, but these socks are samples so I have to make them perfect. I dug into my archive of patterns to find the best instructions to decrease cuff-down socks. I always loose track of how to place my needles when I start the final toe decreases once I make the sock length 1.5 inches shorter than the shoe size.


Rose City Rollers have the best quick reference for making ’rounded’ or ‘squared’ toes. I am a visual learner and the instructions for Rose City Rollers are the best when I’m in a pinch. I like how the instructions include a picture of how the 4 dpns are set-up to keep track of the decrease sequence. I used Vanilla Sock Latte pattern for Marigoldjen Springtime colorway socks. These semi-stripe socks were a beauty to work with. I have to triage the first sock that I knit because the length of the cuff is ‘longer’ than the length of the sock. I have to rework the sock so that the cuff/sock length ratio is balanced? Knit friends, how do you determine cuff/sock length ratio? I despise short cuffs for my big feet, but my sister loves making short cuffs for her size 6 feet. I’m working on my inventory for the upcoming Yarn Market Day at my LYS. Here’s a mashup of my impressive 2016 sock yarn purchases.



Vesper Sock yarn w/ nylon- Sesame Cha Cha

Tempting Ewe Yarns- Bill Nye 

Tough Love SweetGeorgia yarn – Blood Orange

Marigoldjen Yarns -Sidewalk Chalk

Dragonfly Fibers sock- Orchid Thief


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