#knitnirvana Thursdays

Hello knitting friends,

What’s your favorite day of the week? Mines happens to be Thursdays. The evening where I can relax and be a kid again. Sitting around my favorite LYS and being among knit friends makes up for my hectic daily commute. I spend so many hours on the train or chasing after buses. Knitting gives me comfort and provides stress relief equivalent to working out without sweat.

I am having a proud knitting moment as I am almost finished with a test knit project. Knitting is such a rewarding obsession. I’m on the finishing end of a lacy shawl that will be gifted to a colleague on the West Coast. The deadline is April 15th, but this this is definitely gonna be done by this weekend. Then Comes Spring by Francoise of ArohaKnits is an intuitive design.  I’m grateful to have perfected reading lace charts. And I’ll admit to “creative” decreasing towards the end. Counting 250+ stitches every other row is my idea of purgatory. And being tortured with purling 300+ rows for the garter tab was both tretorous and exhilaration. The final product got me in my feelings. It never gets old seeing encouraging notes on IG. Knit friends, what brings you to  nirvana-like knitwise?



One thought on “#knitnirvana Thursdays

  1. Nicky April 9, 2016 / 9:13 PM

    This is amazing! Great job!

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