March on by to April’s Fool

Hi Knit Friends,

It’s been a minute for me writing about my knitting adventures. Just because I ‘paused’ in writing my blog, doesn’t mean that cools things weren’t happening. A couple of weeks ago, I met up with a local knit friend to do some light exercising. I am ‘secretly’ working up to a 5K as a challenge for my upcoming birthday. It’s good to have friends to support your workout goals. Hanging out with alias friend *Army K*, we realized we have a lot of things in common. Our traveling experience, love for knitting socks, and appreciation for Kimchee are good commonalities. Army K is raising chickens in her back yard. I have never been around farm animals so this was an interesting experience. I was able to get a couple of photos of these beautiful chickens.


As far as my adventure with knitting, I have successfully tried my hand at reading lace charts. I felt a little nervous because I have a tendency to misread charts, but the test knit that I’m working on is working up like a beauty. I’m sure my California foodie friend will fall in love with the shawl once I finish it. I even managed to rip back several times to unknit cdd (center double decrease). I’m very happy that the stitch count is matching and I took the advice of fellow knitters to read the chart.


Oh how I love March because of basketball. I don’t normally watch men’s college hoops, but last night… UNC was somebody’s fool. Nothing feels better than a three pointer made at the buzzer. Oh…a girl can only dream that UCONN meets the same fate. I’m not a UNC hater, but forever will the shock of losing burn in the hearts of those seniors. Coach always said that free throws win game despite the lousy non-calls from the referees. Maybe next year UNC.




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