#MADMAY Ready?


Hi Knit Friends,

Everyone knows how much of a Madelinetosh (stalker) lover I profess to be. If I had a choice to snuggle with a yarn brand, Madelinetosh is one of my top 5 yarns. The different yarn bases are so irresistible. The colorways are so beautiful and it’s the only yarn lot that prefects the grey spectrum. I’m not a complete yarn snob…I’m about quality and aesthetics. Do you know what #Madmay represents? Madmay is the anniversary celebration of Madelinetosh. IF only I lived closer to Fort Worth, Texas. On Ravelry there are several designers who are selling knitting patterns at a small discount. This makes me super happy. I am on a YARN diet, but I still allow myself to buy patterns and knit notions. Check out/Join Madelinetosh Lover’s Ravelry group for details. Thanks to group moderator [JoJo] graciously created a MadMay logo for me.

Here are some of the items I want purchase:

MadMay 2016 Road map– links for Knitalong with nice prizes.

I’m going to try KnitterGems to get some much needed stitchmarkers with labels.


Here are some potential MadMay pattern options.

Photo credit: based on Ravelry pictures

Top (left to right in appearance)

  1. Fractured Fairy Tale (mitts) by Mary Annarella
  2. Corbusier socks by Sarah Jordan
  3. Garberas hat (yellow) by Anna Rauf
  4. Lil & Love by Julie Partie
  5. Ceciliana by Lisa Hannes
  6. Sleeping Cedars by Melissa Schaschwary
  7. Comfort of Lines by Melissa Schaschwary (see below)



Beyhive Persuasion

Hello Knit friends,

Please let me start off by saying that I love how social media keeps all of us busy. I am not a celebrity news junkie, but I love reading “sarcastic-saturated” commentary. I haven’t watched #Lemonade videos yet, but I keep finding articles and blogs. I’m trying to convince me why I should. I’ve never been a Beyonce fan, nothing against her (I just have other priorities). Knitting and reading my kindle has been my love affair aside from work. Here is a list of some articles (some serious, some playfull) ENJOY.

Photo credit: found on Instagram

Lemonade is Sweet tea by Awesomely Luvvie

Beyonce’s Lemonade by Ijeoma Oluo (The Guardian)

Lemonade at the table by Melissa Harris-Perry (Elle)

10 thought about Bey’s Lemonade by Panama Jackson (Very Smart Brothas)

Lemonade is Bittersweet like me by  Ashleigh Shackelford (Wear Your Voice)

Lemonade- Revelation of Spirit? by Carrie Battan (New Yorker)

Woman behind the Lemonade poetry by John Kennedy

African Spirituality in Lemonade by Ama McKinley (Huffpost Black Voices)




Purple Moods

Dear Knit Friends,

Purple Moods
Photo credit: http://www.queerty.com

This is a sad time of many of us. When we lose a person who has the capacity to communicate emotions about the craziness of life through musical instruments and facial expressions. Who walks in a room and can command a space. Prince is and will always be a icon. It makes me sad inside…maybe even moodier than when we lost Michael Jackson. I will not pretend to know all things Prince. Many in my family and friends mourn this untimely death of a beautiful spirit. He represented so much more. His legacy is epic and will be like a drop in a pond to transcend time.  Below are article shared among my friend group. Please feel free to comment and contribute to this link.

From Prince’s words. photo credit: Addicted to Prince Nelson Rogers Nelson FB group https://www.facebook.com/loversofprincerogersnelson4/?fref=photo


Additional links:

The Undefeated (by Kelley L. Carter)– https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-undefeated/pop-life/1687932538125425

Questlove’s favorite Prince story- https://youtu.be/WfhoI6iX5ng

Scott Wood***– https://scottwoodsmakeslists.wordpress.com/2016/04/22/prince-little-weird-black-boy-gods/

Awesomely Luvie – http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/2016/04/prince-petty.html 

Minnesota Public Radio– http://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2016/04/22/hear-princes-catalogue-starting-at-6-pm-friday

IBT- Prince and Copyright issues- http://www.ibtimes.com/how-prince-fought-music-industry-internet-career-fraught-legal-battles-control-2358163#discussion

Photo credit: http://www.soundspike.com

Yarn Diets & Market Day


Good morning Knit Friends,

It is soooo early in the morning, any time before 10am is too early for me. I had an eventual weekend. You know the weekends where exciting things happen back to back and you feel like you need a break from the weekend you had for double rest? I don’t have children so I certainly should have been okay, but alas it must mean I am getting old as my energy levels are fluctuating. I am super excited to announce that I finished and photographed (one) knit projects. This is a rare occurrence as my normal MO is to finish and take a poor photo with bad lighting. Normally it takes me one month to do finishing tasks with a decent photo.


MarigoldJen dyed yarns was delicious to knit with. The 80/20 merino/nylon blend is perfect for  my go-to sock yarn. Durability trumps colorway whenever I seek to purchase yarn. The worst thing about sock knitting is when sock reach their expiration date. I’m determined to make handmade socks last and making cashmere-free socks works best for me.

Market day at Cloverhill Yarn Shop is one of my favorite things. Each year I bring my stash of wayward yarn. I brought 2 medium sized bags and left with 3 skeins. I made $75 and took home some swapped yarn. This is the best way to start a year diet. I think 6 month; mid-year yarn diets are most effective and realistic for me. I tried doing a year long yarn diet and only lasted for 8 months. Knit friends, what works best for you?

I ate so much this past weekend that I’ve gone to bed without dinner last night. I went to Foundering Farmers on last Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I was happy to get a reservation and it still took us 15 mins to getting seating. The food was delicious. Anytime you can get cornbread as an appetizer it’s always “win-win.” I’m not used to having cornbread with actually corn kernels cooked into the bread. The bread was moist with a hint of sweetness. The honey butter was home churned. I really wanted to devour the entire dish, but saved it for home as I ate my Avocado Bacon Cheese burger (sorry no pics).


#knitpalpitations Thursday


Hi Knit Friends,

It seems that April has been full of ups and downs in my knitwise world. I think that I’ve handled my polygamous knitting gracefully. I met two project deadlines on time with some time to spare. I am currently fighting with the yarn…not the yarn’s fault (mine). My anticipation for finishing has caused me to make silly mistakes. The photo above shows how I decrease the vanilla socks differently. This has to be skills >> or at least the universe’s idea of telling me that learning 2AAT socks is on the horizon. The red circles above show how I inverted the decrease stitches so the left sock is perfectly finished, but the right sock (in photo) shows the stitches have been inverted. I can put my finger in the seams on the right sock to show that these are absolutely wrong.

What do you do when you forget a technique or don’t write notes to remind you where to go back? I admit to being lazy, but these socks are samples so I have to make them perfect. I dug into my archive of patterns to find the best instructions to decrease cuff-down socks. I always loose track of how to place my needles when I start the final toe decreases once I make the sock length 1.5 inches shorter than the shoe size.


Rose City Rollers have the best quick reference for making ’rounded’ or ‘squared’ toes. I am a visual learner and the instructions for Rose City Rollers are the best when I’m in a pinch. I like how the instructions include a picture of how the 4 dpns are set-up to keep track of the decrease sequence. I used Vanilla Sock Latte pattern for Marigoldjen Springtime colorway socks. These semi-stripe socks were a beauty to work with. I have to triage the first sock that I knit because the length of the cuff is ‘longer’ than the length of the sock. I have to rework the sock so that the cuff/sock length ratio is balanced? Knit friends, how do you determine cuff/sock length ratio? I despise short cuffs for my big feet, but my sister loves making short cuffs for her size 6 feet. I’m working on my inventory for the upcoming Yarn Market Day at my LYS. Here’s a mashup of my impressive 2016 sock yarn purchases.



Vesper Sock yarn w/ nylon- Sesame Cha Cha

Tempting Ewe Yarns- Bill Nye 

Tough Love SweetGeorgia yarn – Blood Orange

Marigoldjen Yarns -Sidewalk Chalk

Dragonfly Fibers sock- Orchid Thief

#knitnirvana Thursdays

Hello knitting friends,

What’s your favorite day of the week? Mines happens to be Thursdays. The evening where I can relax and be a kid again. Sitting around my favorite LYS and being among knit friends makes up for my hectic daily commute. I spend so many hours on the train or chasing after buses. Knitting gives me comfort and provides stress relief equivalent to working out without sweat.

I am having a proud knitting moment as I am almost finished with a test knit project. Knitting is such a rewarding obsession. I’m on the finishing end of a lacy shawl that will be gifted to a colleague on the West Coast. The deadline is April 15th, but this this is definitely gonna be done by this weekend. Then Comes Spring by Francoise of ArohaKnits is an intuitive design.  I’m grateful to have perfected reading lace charts. And I’ll admit to “creative” decreasing towards the end. Counting 250+ stitches every other row is my idea of purgatory. And being tortured with purling 300+ rows for the garter tab was both tretorous and exhilaration. The final product got me in my feelings. It never gets old seeing encouraging notes on IG. Knit friends, what brings you to  nirvana-like knitwise?


March on by to April’s Fool

Hi Knit Friends,

It’s been a minute for me writing about my knitting adventures. Just because I ‘paused’ in writing my blog, doesn’t mean that cools things weren’t happening. A couple of weeks ago, I met up with a local knit friend to do some light exercising. I am ‘secretly’ working up to a 5K as a challenge for my upcoming birthday. It’s good to have friends to support your workout goals. Hanging out with alias friend *Army K*, we realized we have a lot of things in common. Our traveling experience, love for knitting socks, and appreciation for Kimchee are good commonalities. Army K is raising chickens in her back yard. I have never been around farm animals so this was an interesting experience. I was able to get a couple of photos of these beautiful chickens.


As far as my adventure with knitting, I have successfully tried my hand at reading lace charts. I felt a little nervous because I have a tendency to misread charts, but the test knit that I’m working on is working up like a beauty. I’m sure my California foodie friend will fall in love with the shawl once I finish it. I even managed to rip back several times to unknit cdd (center double decrease). I’m very happy that the stitch count is matching and I took the advice of fellow knitters to read the chart.


Oh how I love March because of basketball. I don’t normally watch men’s college hoops, but last night… UNC was somebody’s fool. Nothing feels better than a three pointer made at the buzzer. Oh…a girl can only dream that UCONN meets the same fate. I’m not a UNC hater, but forever will the shock of losing burn in the hearts of those seniors. Coach always said that free throws win game despite the lousy non-calls from the referees. Maybe next year UNC.


                                                    Photo creditprimapaginareggio.com