Dirty Kitchener Friday


Hello Knit Friends….

My grin is big because I didn’t stress myself about the ‘dirty’ Kitchener. I recruited a knitting friend to do the Kitchener for me. (Don’t judge knit friends…I’d pick up stitches for your knitted socks). Veteran knitters know that you have a list of things you enjoy doing and then you have a pile of WIPs that are sitting in the closet because you despise a technique. Kitchener is not something that I enjoy or even want to get acquainted with, but it is a necessary thing to learn how to do. Whenever I hear the word ‘Kitchener’, my stomach rolls because I am reminded of 3 beautiful color-worked cowls I made back in 2013. My lovely cowls of 2013 have never been worn because I refused Kitchener. Should I feel guilty about this— YES and NO. Yes— because I ‘should’ learn the ‘dirty’ stitch and  NO–because I should have asked my knit friend ages ago to help out. My blood pressure has dropped.

This beautiful cowl, Taimana Cowl designed by talented Françoise of Arohaknits. There is such wonderfulness to this pattern. It was a beautiful and painless process to knit. I will definitely knit it again. New notes (from my knit finisher): go up 2-3 needle sizes in the main colorwork motif of the Taimana Cowl (Te Reo Maori for “Diamond”). I forgot that when I knit stranded colorwork, it constricts. My next colorwork combination will probably have light blue, white, and golden color. I super excited.

It’s official, I’m obssessed (like a dog with a bone) with Françoise’ designs because she never disappoints as she just released a new pattern, Pātiki Hat and Cowl. The colors are so striking. I may just choose another color using the dark/light contract. Everyone knows I’m allergic to pink.


New Projects:

I’m learning a new technique, wrap and turn (w&t) for making short row toes/heels. It feel super uncomfortable, but my knit friend Steph patiently supervised me as I tried to record the process into muscle memory. It also helped that I wrote notes . I am AGAIN using YouTube for knitting help. The amount of times I re-wind the clips give me a headache. Look at the lovely Tempting Ewe below in Raspberry Cordial. definitely going to have to get more of this beautiful colorway. I hate pink…but there are only hints and the purple and red tones push me over the edge. Sparkles also give it pop.




3 thoughts on “Dirty Kitchener Friday

  1. Syd March 11, 2016 / 11:48 PM

    She does have amazing designs! The taimano cowl is on my list but I’m scared of colorwork. BTW, have you tried the three needle bind-off instead of kitchener?

    • Ge Ge March 12, 2016 / 12:07 AM

      3 needle doesn’t work for “seamless” grafting. It was worth a skein to give it to someone else to tackle. One thing I will say is to change needles in the different section. It was lovely…gauge swatch is a good idea.

  2. Nicky March 12, 2016 / 10:13 PM

    You gotta do what you gotta do and it worked out perfectly!

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