Bye February : Afterthoughts

Wanderers: Modern Mukluks by Andrea Mowry

Hi Knit Friends,

This year February has an extra day. Lucky #29 is significant, not for an anniversary– more of like beneficial to get knit stuff done. I admit that snow days are appealing, but I preferred to sleep or binge watch the BlackList. I felt proud of myself for focusing on finishing on a couple of projects that have been burning a hole in my queue. I get all twitchy and can’t concentrate when I have too many projects unfinished. Yesterday during Thursday’s knit night, I finished my infamous Wanderers: Mukluks. With the help of supportive friends and the occasional belly laugh sessions, I was able to finish a new technique: Afterthought heels. Two things I learned while working on this project:

  1. I gain more confidence when I work on things that scare me during knit night. And it’s okay to distrust the pattern…leaning into discomfort won’t break you.
  2. Picking up extra stitches on the sides provide better reinforcements and prevent gaping holes on the sides.


Final thoughts:

I’m the worst finisher. 1st slipper has side hole (near thumb), 2nd slipper I picked up 2 extra stitches per side to then decreased twice the following row to cover side holes. This finishing business is the pits. I’m not down with the afterthought heel. #knitting #knitproblems #knitlessons #muklukslippers

I am glad that I finally finished this project. 3 months was a long time. This project was sent to the corner several times… once because I screwed up gauge. The second was that I knit an extra repeat (one slipper longer than the other one). The best part of this was that I tried on both sizes and felt the smaller one (right) would work better for the afterthought heel.


The small perfectionist side of my brain wants to rip out the slipper with the weak (holey) gaps. I will either rip out and pick up extra stitches or do some reinforcement stitching by turning it inside out. I will say that I DID NOT Kitchener the heel closed. 3 needle bind off is my jam. Now that I got this one more project is done…I can re-focus on my other socks.



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