Be Mine : Late Edition

Hi Knitting Friends,

It seems that I am two weeks behind writing my blog posts. It seems like when I have a bunch of things to write about I don’t make time to draft them up. When I have plenty of time….my brain doesn’t even think about blogging. 2016 is my year of me– a year to do things instead of just dreaming about them. Special thanks to Shonda Rhimes for Year of Yes– such a wonderful book that inspired me to be more intentional about my thoughts and behaviors. The silver lining in Shonda’s book that I discovered is that sometimes creating stories is easier than just being a participant in the story. I am partnering up with a friend to read several awe-inspiring books that get me out of my comfort zone.


My spouse and I do not celebrate Valentines’ day. She is more romantic and demonstrates her romantic side better than I can. In the spirit of Valentine’s day I made both a breakfast casserole and knitted a ‘quick’ Valentine hat. It was FREEZING on the 14th so I decided to make some warm gear for my Sweetie. This is the fastest hat designed by my favorite designer Kate Davies..Epistropheid

There are matching gloves with the same theme, but I haven’t decided yet if I will make them. I am still working to complete my Wandering Mukluks… it’s almost finished all that is left is the ‘afterthought heel’. I am trying to find the best tutorial because I do not feel confident with the one that was given with the original instructions. What’s on your needles or a quick project that you have made during the weekend?




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