Personal Anthems

Hi Knit friends,

Today I am celebrating the various voices from black nationalism to feminist woman. I am someone who celebrates a lot of things, but on a private platform. I have a small circle of friends that I like to call on and talk about things that burns my blood. The Super bowl has always been a holiday of sorts in my family. From memorable Thanksgiving games with the Dallas Cowboys to the ever present Super bowl bound NE Patriots– my life has always been surrounded by football games. I think most of the world was surprised by the most recent Super bowl halftime show. Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars lit up the stage. My IG and Facebook feeds blew up about Cam Newton and Beyoncé. I don’t have eloquent words to describe such artistry that was displayed. I did find it comical that everyone had their own theories as to what Beyoncé did. And the equal amount of critiques who complained about Cam’s sportsmanship. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have handled the spotlight like differently from Cam. I too would have been pissed. Can you imagine being in the forefront of history– how would you measure up or respond if you came up short in a game that will be talked about forever.

Photo Credit: Google image- Beyoncé, Coldplay & Bruno Mars

Below are several links to articles/personal blogs about Beyoncé’s video. Enjoy


  1. Hot Sauce in Her Bag… By Mikki Kendall *my favorite*
  2. Beyoncé gets political… By Flanneryogonner
  3. Beyoncé Formation…IDGF Anthem By Awesomely Luvvie
  4. Reading List for Beyoncé Formation By Book Riot
  5. Conversation about Formation By Kreative Young Millionaire
  6. If Beyoncé had gone full Black by Very Smart Brothers (VSB) **
  7. Beyoncé’s Formation is about Activism…By Time
  8. If you listened closely…controversial… By Katie Lapotin IJ review
  9. Dear Beyonce, Katrina is Not your history… By Black Girl Dangerous

P.S. I’m sure there is more to come (links to be continued), but this is what I found so far. Any thoughts?

updated: 2-9-2016


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