65° of knitworthiness


Hi Knit Friends,

February has been an amazing month. I’ve managed to work through my knit fears to learn how to make ‘an afterthought heel’ and block a wip. This weekend I’ve coined a new meaning to the phrase “knit worthy”– as I gain more experience with projects, I realise I’ve become a yarn snob. I like most yarns (sorry, not Noro), but I have my main stables: Tempting Ewe Yarns, Madtosh & Quince and Co.

I discovered a new yarn dyer during a trunkshow at my LYS this weekend. I discovered an new Indie Dye Goddess – Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co . Kelsey is very close to me in York, PA. Not only is she very knowledgeable about her craft, but she is a professionally trained fiber expert. She has a warm disposition and has a wonderful eye. The colorway shades are both rich and rustic. She’s had her yarn business for over a year and her enthusiasm for knitting is so infectious.

She wore the Lilli Pilli Wrap and I fell in love. It’s a beautiful stripe and lace combination.


It wasn’t hard for me to choose colors. The 1st photo shows the stipe sequence (Helix bases) and I added Madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering in El Greco from stash.  It is so addictive, I’m hoping to finish the first stripe section tonight. Here’s my project page


My enthusiasm of the pattern was so inspiring that I managed to convince my LYS to make it a KAL. I’m sure there will be another one in my future. I’m so full of joy and love when I discover knitworthy yarns like Primrose Yarn Co.

Extra notes:
Kelsey of Primrose Yarn Co has a regular podcast called Wool in the Wardrobe on YouTube. I love that she does yarn reviews and is so honest with her opinions.  I’m so glad to have met her in person. She also has a Ravelry group where she is hosting a couple of KALs. She’s a knitting machine and she knows her stuff. I can’t wait to see her first design.


Bye February : Afterthoughts

Wanderers: Modern Mukluks by Andrea Mowry

Hi Knit Friends,

This year February has an extra day. Lucky #29 is significant, not for an anniversary– more of like beneficial to get knit stuff done. I admit that snow days are appealing, but I preferred to sleep or binge watch the BlackList. I felt proud of myself for focusing on finishing on a couple of projects that have been burning a hole in my queue. I get all twitchy and can’t concentrate when I have too many projects unfinished. Yesterday during Thursday’s knit night, I finished my infamous Wanderers: Mukluks. With the help of supportive friends and the occasional belly laugh sessions, I was able to finish a new technique: Afterthought heels. Two things I learned while working on this project:

  1. I gain more confidence when I work on things that scare me during knit night. And it’s okay to distrust the pattern…leaning into discomfort won’t break you.
  2. Picking up extra stitches on the sides provide better reinforcements and prevent gaping holes on the sides.


Final thoughts:

I’m the worst finisher. 1st slipper has side hole (near thumb), 2nd slipper I picked up 2 extra stitches per side to then decreased twice the following row to cover side holes. This finishing business is the pits. I’m not down with the afterthought heel. #knitting #knitproblems #knitlessons #muklukslippers

I am glad that I finally finished this project. 3 months was a long time. This project was sent to the corner several times… once because I screwed up gauge. The second was that I knit an extra repeat (one slipper longer than the other one). The best part of this was that I tried on both sizes and felt the smaller one (right) would work better for the afterthought heel.


The small perfectionist side of my brain wants to rip out the slipper with the weak (holey) gaps. I will either rip out and pick up extra stitches or do some reinforcement stitching by turning it inside out. I will say that I DID NOT Kitchener the heel closed. 3 needle bind off is my jam. Now that I got this one more project is done…I can re-focus on my other socks.


Be still, Thursday

Hi Knit Friends,

I have been working really hard to complete projects at work. I can tell that a sense of accomplishment in my work life is reflected by the amount of papers and books stacked in my workspace. Everyday this week I was focused on knitting during lunch to sooth me. As many people will describe knitting to be a meditation practice or a way to gather your thoughts. Knitting helps me center my mind and through each project I learn something new. I do not consider myself a risk taker, but as a knitter most friends will say my choice of project tend to be very challenging. I also realized that I can’t stomach long stretches of stockinette (all knit) stitch. And this may be why I have not made my first sweater.

My favorite past-time to dream about knitting is using Instagram (IG). I have found some lovely knitting people and projects. My most recent tease– or knitting project is an unnamed project @knits.and.hounds using my favorite yarn Quince and Co’s Owl (mix of alpaca & merino).



Here are a couple of yarn photos that I found on IG that give me heart palpitations.

By Candyskein: March ’16 colorway (Beer Stein)

Screenshot 2016-02-23 20.21.40

By PluckyKnitter Curtsy colorway

Screenshot 2016-02-23 20.20.53

What’s on your knitting radar? What Ravelry group or challenges are you apart of? What yarns are anxious to try? Are there any hats or mittens burning a hole in your queue?






Be Mine : Late Edition

Hi Knitting Friends,

It seems that I am two weeks behind writing my blog posts. It seems like when I have a bunch of things to write about I don’t make time to draft them up. When I have plenty of time….my brain doesn’t even think about blogging. 2016 is my year of me– a year to do things instead of just dreaming about them. Special thanks to Shonda Rhimes for Year of Yes– such a wonderful book that inspired me to be more intentional about my thoughts and behaviors. The silver lining in Shonda’s book that I discovered is that sometimes creating stories is easier than just being a participant in the story. I am partnering up with a friend to read several awe-inspiring books that get me out of my comfort zone.


My spouse and I do not celebrate Valentines’ day. She is more romantic and demonstrates her romantic side better than I can. In the spirit of Valentine’s day I made both a breakfast casserole and knitted a ‘quick’ Valentine hat. It was FREEZING on the 14th so I decided to make some warm gear for my Sweetie. This is the fastest hat designed by my favorite designer Kate Davies..Epistropheid

There are matching gloves with the same theme, but I haven’t decided yet if I will make them. I am still working to complete my Wandering Mukluks… it’s almost finished all that is left is the ‘afterthought heel’. I am trying to find the best tutorial because I do not feel confident with the one that was given with the original instructions. What’s on your needles or a quick project that you have made during the weekend?



Personal Anthems

Hi Knit friends,

Today I am celebrating the various voices from black nationalism to feminist woman. I am someone who celebrates a lot of things, but on a private platform. I have a small circle of friends that I like to call on and talk about things that burns my blood. The Super bowl has always been a holiday of sorts in my family. From memorable Thanksgiving games with the Dallas Cowboys to the ever present Super bowl bound NE Patriots– my life has always been surrounded by football games. I think most of the world was surprised by the most recent Super bowl halftime show. Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars lit up the stage. My IG and Facebook feeds blew up about Cam Newton and Beyoncé. I don’t have eloquent words to describe such artistry that was displayed. I did find it comical that everyone had their own theories as to what Beyoncé did. And the equal amount of critiques who complained about Cam’s sportsmanship. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have handled the spotlight like differently from Cam. I too would have been pissed. Can you imagine being in the forefront of history– how would you measure up or respond if you came up short in a game that will be talked about forever.

Photo Credit: Google image- Beyoncé, Coldplay & Bruno Mars

Below are several links to articles/personal blogs about Beyoncé’s video. Enjoy


  1. Hot Sauce in Her Bag… By Mikki Kendall *my favorite*
  2. Beyoncé gets political… By Flanneryogonner
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  5. Conversation about Formation By Kreative Young Millionaire
  6. If Beyoncé had gone full Black by Very Smart Brothers (VSB) **
  7. Beyoncé’s Formation is about Activism…By Time
  8. If you listened closely…controversial… By Katie Lapotin IJ review
  9. Dear Beyonce, Katrina is Not your history… By Black Girl Dangerous

P.S. I’m sure there is more to come (links to be continued), but this is what I found so far. Any thoughts?

updated: 2-9-2016