Snowzilla Adventures 2016

Hi knitting friends,

I admit that I spent most of my day being productive. Productive to my knitting desires, watching football, playing on social media. I’m sure my FB and IG accounts have more action within the last three days than in the past month. Blame it on the snow.


My West coast family called me several times to check in. After sending pics and text messages, I have almost declared to move to a state that only has 2 seasons– Summer and Spring. I have never liked snow. I can deal with cold, but the white, icy precipitation– I can not. I started a new project (surprising shocker)– Alysania socks 

Screenshot 2016-01-24 22.57.55


I’m using Plucky feet (barely birch color way). I’m not feeling 100% okay with the sock, but I’ve pre-socked the part that I knitted and it looks better. I am starting to like textured socks. I also have a running list of socks that I want to try. My mom continues to enjoy her handmade socks she received for her birthday last year. I am plotting to find the best yarn for making Rye socks designed by TinCanKnits.




I am having a hard time deciding the best composition for making textured socks that are heavier than fingering weight. Knit friends, what socks do you find work the best for being thicker than fingering weigh? I thought of using Malabrigo Rios or HazelKnits DK. I am planning a trip  next weekend in Virginia to find yarn that  will fit this project.

Here are some other possible socks:

I Heart Harvest Socks 


Gansey Clock Socks

I am trying my hardest to finish at least one knitting project that I started last month. The snow blizzard Jonah also helped with making more food at home. I made Southern style grits with cheese and bacon. A nice reward from shoveling snow. My wife made Apple crisp, which is a happy addition to our small regular meals. I’m glad two good yummy things came out of Snowzilla.


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