Hi Knitting Friends,

Have your ever sworn off making a yarn pattern using a particular technique or promised never to use a certain yarn? Non-knitters can’t related, but all knitters know what I’m talking about. As crazy as football enthusiastic fans can be– so are people that knit. If you haven’t felt the itch or obsession yet as a new knitter, PLEASE BE WARNED. And if you claim to not know what I’m talking about >> feel free to mail me your yarn stash. 🙂

Screenshot 2016-01-18 18.46.05

Friends, remember that yarn obsession that I have with Madelinetosh (yarns)? As if my holiday treat from Madelinetosh wasn’t enough. Can I please blame Instagram?!?! I promised myself that after my 2014 Magnolia Society Yarn club experience that I wouldn’t re-new my subscription. BUT I LIED!!!! Or at least Madelinetosh Yarn owners are super creative. I don’t like being surprised when it comes to yarn colors. The quality of Madelinetosh yarns have never disappointed me. 2016 Magnolia Society Yarn Club will once again be epic because it is based on the realm of nature. From Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire >> these elements are categorized in certain colors tones. I can accept a little bit of surprise. The final factor in my decision to give Magnolia Society another chance was the club is very affordable. I highly suggest this type of short-term yarn subscription (3 months) for someone wanting to try a yarn club. You will not be disappointed and options for swapping color is available through their Ravelry club page. I don’t think I can convenience myself to purchase sweater quantities (yet), but my heart belongs to Madelinetosh.


One thought on “Madtosh FOREVER

  1. hardknitlife January 24, 2016 / 12:11 PM

    “Feel free to mail me your yarn stash”…amen! Excited to see your new additions to stash in the form of such a fun club!!

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