First Snow 2016

Hi knitting friends,

The best gift for any knitter is a free day of knitting during the week. I’m not going to lie that extra hours of sleep was pleasant. I woke up at 8 am and basked in guilty pleasures of daytime talk shows. I read from the Kindle and spent time day dreaming about my blizzard knit adventures. Baltimore started to get wise this year to advise people to stay off roads.


Being stuck in the house means 3 days of guilt-free knitting. I even got to run to my LYS to wind some fabulous yarn…my go-to Tempting Ewe. I know any knitter worth their purl stitch had a game plan ready for casting on a new item. I’m sure I started the IG challenge for storm knitting blitz 2016. I’m making Hunter Hammersen’s new released Chamfer using Raspberry Cordial Tempting Ewe sock yarn.


So knit friends…what are you making? I’m trying to empty my needles. I’m on to something nice and sparkly. I’m also making some nice comfort foods and spoiling the Mrs. with breakfast in bed on Sunday. Stay safe and warm friends.


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