Hello January

Hi Knitting Friends,

This is my second post in 2016 and a lot of fun things have happened (knit wise). Work is still going well and my new boss is very satisfied with my work progress. I am a self-professed ‘monogamous’ knitter, but I was recently star-strucked by the Taimana Cowl designed by the talented Francoise Danoy. I discovered Francoise last year, but I love her design sense. As I’ve mentioned her in a previous post, she has a refreshing style that speaks to me. I am excited every time I see something she has created. I’m almost halfway finished with the project and I will definitely make this again.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 17.27.01

Another project that I am working on is from my holiday indie designer purchase. My darling wife asked me to make her socks and I found a perfect sock by Corrine Walcher called Not Just Boring Dude Sock. These are nice socks for solids and subtle variegated colorway. I love Tempting Ewe Yarns from my local LYS. It’s my go-to sock yarn that never disappoints.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 18.15.50

My final WIP is the Wanderers: Modern Mukluks by Andrea Mowry. These are for my Grandma Ruby for her post-op knee surgery. I finished one, but I think that I made it too big. I’m hoping that the half an inch won’t matter. I hope to finish it before February. It’s starting to get cold consistently so these will be a much welcomed gift. I loved Wandering Wool yarns from a local indie dyer Janelle and it mixes well with Berrocco. Knit friends- how is your January 2016 shaping up?!? What are your challenging projects and/or newly discovered knitting tool.







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