Brunch & Knits 2016



Hi Knitting Friends,

I recently discovered Miss Shirley’s in Baltimore and took my wife to brunch at the Roland Park location. It was a great experience as always. The service and food was excellent. I tried the Chicken & Waffles. Parmesan cheese sprinkles on the waffles and light honey mustard on the chicken. My wife got the lovely bagel. Don’t be shocked…the bagel was mouth-watering. Smoked salmon, havarti cheese, red onions. It certainly looked good and I didn’t even get a bite. I took my first visit of the year to Fibrespace with a knit friend. It was a nice trip to see yummy yarn. I did my best to only purchase yarn that I would use immediately. Of course I am working on another pair of socks (details next post). I bought some self-striping Vesper yarn and some SweetGeorgia (red). I touched some Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, but I wasn’t thrilled to make a purchase.



I am excited to announce that I completed my first project of 2016. Socks >> don’t be too shocked. I worked overtime to get them done in time for Valentine’s day. Gingy North’s Not Just Boring Dude Socks. I used Tempting Ewe Yarns my favorite Indie dyers. The colors are always so rich. It’s a greenish-blue tone that works well with lighter shin tones. I have three other projects that I working to complete so it took me twice as long to finish, but it was well worth it. This is definitely a sock that I plan to make again. I used size 2 DPNs, next time I’ll probably try using 1.5s instead. Knit friends, what on your needles? What’s your favorite vanilla sock?





Snowzilla Adventures 2016

Hi knitting friends,

I admit that I spent most of my day being productive. Productive to my knitting desires, watching football, playing on social media. I’m sure my FB and IG accounts have more action within the last three days than in the past month. Blame it on the snow.


My West coast family called me several times to check in. After sending pics and text messages, I have almost declared to move to a state that only has 2 seasons– Summer and Spring. I have never liked snow. I can deal with cold, but the white, icy precipitation– I can not. I started a new project (surprising shocker)– Alysania socks 

Screenshot 2016-01-24 22.57.55


I’m using Plucky feet (barely birch color way). I’m not feeling 100% okay with the sock, but I’ve pre-socked the part that I knitted and it looks better. I am starting to like textured socks. I also have a running list of socks that I want to try. My mom continues to enjoy her handmade socks she received for her birthday last year. I am plotting to find the best yarn for making Rye socks designed by TinCanKnits.




I am having a hard time deciding the best composition for making textured socks that are heavier than fingering weight. Knit friends, what socks do you find work the best for being thicker than fingering weigh? I thought of using Malabrigo Rios or HazelKnits DK. I am planning a trip  next weekend in Virginia to find yarn that  will fit this project.

Here are some other possible socks:

I Heart Harvest Socks 


Gansey Clock Socks

I am trying my hardest to finish at least one knitting project that I started last month. The snow blizzard Jonah also helped with making more food at home. I made Southern style grits with cheese and bacon. A nice reward from shoveling snow. My wife made Apple crisp, which is a happy addition to our small regular meals. I’m glad two good yummy things came out of Snowzilla.


Hi Knitting Friends,

Have your ever sworn off making a yarn pattern using a particular technique or promised never to use a certain yarn? Non-knitters can’t related, but all knitters know what I’m talking about. As crazy as football enthusiastic fans can be– so are people that knit. If you haven’t felt the itch or obsession yet as a new knitter, PLEASE BE WARNED. And if you claim to not know what I’m talking about >> feel free to mail me your yarn stash. 🙂

Screenshot 2016-01-18 18.46.05

Friends, remember that yarn obsession that I have with Madelinetosh (yarns)? As if my holiday treat from Madelinetosh wasn’t enough. Can I please blame Instagram?!?! I promised myself that after my 2014 Magnolia Society Yarn club experience that I wouldn’t re-new my subscription. BUT I LIED!!!! Or at least Madelinetosh Yarn owners are super creative. I don’t like being surprised when it comes to yarn colors. The quality of Madelinetosh yarns have never disappointed me. 2016 Magnolia Society Yarn Club will once again be epic because it is based on the realm of nature. From Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire >> these elements are categorized in certain colors tones. I can accept a little bit of surprise. The final factor in my decision to give Magnolia Society another chance was the club is very affordable. I highly suggest this type of short-term yarn subscription (3 months) for someone wanting to try a yarn club. You will not be disappointed and options for swapping color is available through their Ravelry club page. I don’t think I can convenience myself to purchase sweater quantities (yet), but my heart belongs to Madelinetosh.

First Snow 2016

Hi knitting friends,

The best gift for any knitter is a free day of knitting during the week. I’m not going to lie that extra hours of sleep was pleasant. I woke up at 8 am and basked in guilty pleasures of daytime talk shows. I read from the Kindle and spent time day dreaming about my blizzard knit adventures. Baltimore started to get wise this year to advise people to stay off roads.


Being stuck in the house means 3 days of guilt-free knitting. I even got to run to my LYS to wind some fabulous yarn…my go-to Tempting Ewe. I know any knitter worth their purl stitch had a game plan ready for casting on a new item. I’m sure I started the IG challenge for storm knitting blitz 2016. I’m making Hunter Hammersen’s new released Chamfer using Raspberry Cordial Tempting Ewe sock yarn.


So knit friends…what are you making? I’m trying to empty my needles. I’m on to something nice and sparkly. I’m also making some nice comfort foods and spoiling the Mrs. with breakfast in bed on Sunday. Stay safe and warm friends.

Hello January

Hi Knitting Friends,

This is my second post in 2016 and a lot of fun things have happened (knit wise). Work is still going well and my new boss is very satisfied with my work progress. I am a self-professed ‘monogamous’ knitter, but I was recently star-strucked by the Taimana Cowl designed by the talented Francoise Danoy. I discovered Francoise last year, but I love her design sense. As I’ve mentioned her in a previous post, she has a refreshing style that speaks to me. I am excited every time I see something she has created. I’m almost halfway finished with the project and I will definitely make this again.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 17.27.01

Another project that I am working on is from my holiday indie designer purchase. My darling wife asked me to make her socks and I found a perfect sock by Corrine Walcher called Not Just Boring Dude Sock. These are nice socks for solids and subtle variegated colorway. I love Tempting Ewe Yarns from my local LYS. It’s my go-to sock yarn that never disappoints.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 18.15.50

My final WIP is the Wanderers: Modern Mukluks by Andrea Mowry. These are for my Grandma Ruby for her post-op knee surgery. I finished one, but I think that I made it too big. I’m hoping that the half an inch won’t matter. I hope to finish it before February. It’s starting to get cold consistently so these will be a much welcomed gift. I loved Wandering Wool yarns from a local indie dyer Janelle and it mixes well with Berrocco. Knit friends- how is your January 2016 shaping up?!? What are your challenging projects and/or newly discovered knitting tool.






2016 Intentions

Hello Knitting friends,

2016 has already started off on a great note. I said good-bye to my old office of four years. I made so many friends and had so many experiences that 2015 was a bittersweet event. I left with no regrets and lots of tentative lunch dates. The last four months have been an overwhelming experience of planning and meetings. A good friend of mine nudged me to start looking for new opportunities because I was loosing motivation and energy at my job. Although it’s been said that change is challenging, I’d also argue that the lack of motivation or passion is equally ‘soul-crushing’.

In 2015, I have enjoy watching myself grow professionally and personally. I seem to take life less seriously and have become more accepting of my personality quarks. I am slowly seeing the subtle reminders that I am gracefully aging. The things that bothered me in my 20s no longer hold me back in my 30s. I thankfully paying more attention to my intuition and less time with things that do not bring value into my life. I am looking forward to starting my new job and meet new challenges.


I am thankful for Instagram, which is an Introvert’s best friend. What better way to communicate or lurk with like minded people. I have met so many wonderful people and found so many opportunities that probably wouldn’t be possible without advancements in technology. The following list are things that I will be focusing on this year:

  • Improve knitting skills
    • Learn to cable– so many wonderful knitting projects with cables and I have lots of knit friends tell me how easy cables are
    • Take a knit class– I love my LYS and I’m more likely to focus and learn more through taking a class. Probably a project involving socks or a winter vest with color work.
    • Attend a Yarn Festival– I want to be at Rhinebeck this year. I have a couple of friends who go annually so what better way to commit with a group
  • Expand Reading interests
    • I read 56 books in 2015. I think I want to continue this trend and read 50 books. I want to expand my reading genres to non-fiction, cultural classics, a little sci-fi.
    • Join a book club
  • Find a genealogy mentor
    • Develop research skills and discover a genealogy filing system that works best for me
    • Work on family oral history with conducting interviews
  • Professional Development
    • Attend a professional conference
    • Organize an informal mentoring meet-up
    • Find a career mentor
  • Personal goals
    • Wellness plan- I am at my best when I exercise. I will continue to look for ways to stay active and take action to maintain a healthy physical/mental/spiritual balance.
    • Plan a family vacation- one will be on the West Coast with family. I am not a great planner, but I’m determined to make more time to relax this year. I also want to take several short vacation trips to Akron, OH, Philadelphia, and upstate NY.
    • Increase financial planning knowledge- this is my least knowledgable area. I am interested to look at trends of how people save and invest money.
    • Develop family digital album- my extended family has tons of pictures that have never been digitalized. I would love to help with converting print photos to an online vault.

So friends, what’s on your 2016 to-do list. What is in your knitting queues? Are you diving into a new technique or focused on WIPs?