2015 Life nuggets

Hi Knitting friends,

2015 was a big year to learn and live out this quote about failure:


I believe that throughout life we are here to work through unfinished business. The life lesson that I’ve been tackling this year has been failure. As a young athlete I was often told that failure is the act of not trying. As a young adult I never really understood the lesson behind failure. My actions of starting over might look from Johnny down the street. It was only until April 2015 that I realized the essence of what failure mean. If lamenting were a talent, I’d be CEO. Depression and anxiety were my constant companions. How did I climb out of the lethargic spiral? A weekly visit to my LYS, light exercise several times a week, and allowing myself a space to be vulnerable.


Once I allowed myself to sit with the feelings of failure without internalizing it….I started seeing my true self. The hopes and picturesque   dreams of my life began to change. I shed my clock of anxiety and stood face to face with authenticity. The brave words of Dr. Brene Brown finally made sense to me.

My goals of 2015 was filled with measurable actions. Reading, knitting socks, continuing genealogy research, and attend a library conference were on my list. If I held the same perspective I had in 2014- I probably would have said that 2015 was a miserable time. I can honestly say I have grown this year and can acknowledge some progress.

Life nugget (noun): a result of working through a life event. It is not a feeling, but more of an experience. It is not measurable event, but gratitude and acceptance is gained from the experience (self-defined by blogger)

My 2015 Progress:

I have re-connected with old friends, started building a professional network, revise my career options, learned to knit socks, and found a new job. These accomplishments feel like milestones. I am grateful for the lesson of failure and the compassion that I have experience from the most unlikely people. Knitting friends, how was 2015? Any lessons or experiences that changed the way you view your life? No experience is too insignificant. The mere fact I made this into a confessional blog post speaks to the impact of my 2015 goals.



One thought on “2015 Life nuggets

  1. hardknitlife December 30, 2015 / 6:57 AM

    Yes to all of this. Valuable lessons & I feel like you are speaking to me! I’m there with you. Accepting failure as a part of growth is something I’m still working on 🙂 Wonderfully written and I’m excited to see more of your socks!!

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