Thank You Santa

Hi Knitting Friends,

Today I am most excited to share my newest book acquisition. Created by my newest sock knit designer crush Hunter Hammersen .


This blog post will have been published a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving. I can thank my new book discovery from my IG friend ‘Katie’. I try to share good knitting news with folks with the most amount of personal anonymity because it more about the process and less about the details of who says what.  Plus who can get over something so fantastic as stylishly knit socks.

Knowledge of what was Sensible socks
(c) Hunter Hammersen                Knowledge of what was sensible sock


I’ve never really considered myself a fashionista. I dress or create designs that make me feel comfortable. The older I become, I realize that my preferred styles have changed or I own more blues/oranges and even pick up the occasional fushia. I despise pink so I forewarn all my knitting friends to punch me if I show up with pink yarn.

Knitting friends, what are you asking Santa or knitting faeries to bring you? Is there a skein of yarn you are itching to buy or a pattern that has worn a hole in your pocket?


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