Fall Knit Palpitations

Hi knitting friends,

I have been tortured myself trying to finish my Seine by the River socks. I am so darn mad at myself for not paying attention. Of course there will be a gauge issue when stitches are changed. I made a modification to knit through the back loop on the foot portion instead of regular knit stitch. It looked great on sock #1. I was trying to cut corners on sock#2 by going back to knit stitch for the foot length. I have an inch gauge difference between the different stitches. This calls for a drink this weekend. I’m ripping out today. Seine_2 Foot GaugeI wish I could call on a knitting faerie to rip it out and change it with a dash of a wand. On the other hand I want the socks to be stunningly beautiful– so it must be knit right. Or I should learn 2AAT. [Don’t hold your breath friends]. If sock knitting is my meditation, 2AAT would take the fun out of things. All my friends know I love the craziness of a lace pattern.

(c) www.vibrational-alchemy.com
(c) http://www.vibrational-alchemy.com

In more promising note. My knitting queue seems to be growing bigger. I am in love with a new hat, Lolo by Jared Flood. And I will use stashed yarn. It will be my best ever and first hat for my lovely wife.

Photo credit from Ravelry
Photo credit from Ravelry

I’m still trying to convince a friend at my LYS to make this ‘badass’ (a good thing) sweater as a Fall KAL. I dress for comfort, but I am beginning to find that my knitting styles lean towards simple yet colorful motifs. I’m a die hard fairisle fanatic, but I have been neglecting it over my obsession with socks. I am going to try to dig deep and parcel out my fairisle mojo. It’s Fall and I ready for some hardcore fairisle knitting challenges. Below is the rest of items stored in my queue.

Knit_Obsession**All photos were taken from Ravelry. Photo credit is indicated underneath photos.

What’s in your queue for the Fall?


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