Fall Knit Palpitations

Hi knitting friends,

I have been tortured myself trying to finish my Seine by the River socks. I am so darn mad at myself for not paying attention. Of course there will be a gauge issue when stitches are changed. I made a modification to knit through the back loop on the foot portion instead of regular knit stitch. It looked great on sock #1. I was trying to cut corners on sock#2 by going back to knit stitch for the foot length. I have an inch gauge difference between the different stitches. This calls for a drink this weekend. I’m ripping out today. Seine_2 Foot GaugeI wish I could call on a knitting faerie to rip it out and change it with a dash of a wand. On the other hand I want the socks to be stunningly beautiful– so it must be knit right. Or I should learn 2AAT. [Don’t hold your breath friends]. If sock knitting is my meditation, 2AAT would take the fun out of things. All my friends know I love the craziness of a lace pattern.

(c) www.vibrational-alchemy.com
(c) http://www.vibrational-alchemy.com

In more promising note. My knitting queue seems to be growing bigger. I am in love with a new hat, Lolo by Jared Flood. And I will use stashed yarn. It will be my best ever and first hat for my lovely wife.

Photo credit from Ravelry
Photo credit from Ravelry

I’m still trying to convince a friend at my LYS to make this ‘badass’ (a good thing) sweater as a Fall KAL. I dress for comfort, but I am beginning to find that my knitting styles lean towards simple yet colorful motifs. I’m a die hard fairisle fanatic, but I have been neglecting it over my obsession with socks. I am going to try to dig deep and parcel out my fairisle mojo. It’s Fall and I ready for some hardcore fairisle knitting challenges. Below is the rest of items stored in my queue.

Knit_Obsession**All photos were taken from Ravelry. Photo credit is indicated underneath photos.

What’s in your queue for the Fall?


YoP Progress- Week 10.5


Hi Knitting Friends,

I’ve been very busy this past week. I had Interview #2 on last Tuesday. And to relieve stress I’ve focused on knitting socks. I had a migraine the night before my interview. So I tried  not to do too much to bring on one on the interview day. I don’t think anyone can ever fully prepare for an interview. And the fact that 4 person hiring panel were asking me questions via video chat made for an interesting experience. Logistically everything worked out well. I managed to ask several questions so I’m remaining hopeful. I felt I did my best on my Interview #2. No matter what anyone says, interviewing is nothing like riding a bike.


My furry baby ‘Punky’ has kept my spirits up with his normal curiosity. He’s two flaws include 5 am wakeup cries and the ocassional running out the door. He and his brother don’t care for yarn or any knit accessory. It a relief.

Seine by the River – 1 sock done, 1 cuff done
***all other projects are the same. I plan to finish the Seine socks this week.


YOP Progress- Week 10


Hi Knit Friends,

I swear it seems like time is moving super fast. I am slipping on my weekly progress report. Who doesn’t want to talk about knitting?!? I haven’t put a big dent in my WIPs, but I have allowed myself to start multiple projects. Although I am on a yarn diet, I successfully traded yarn with a knitter recently. All my friends know that I am allergic to pink, I love Madelinetosh, but this shade of pink (Boulder) was definitely not to my liking.

Madelinetosh_Ella RaeI traded for 2 skeins of Ella Rae merino lace fingering weight. Teal and green color# 208. Photo credit from Knit-n-Crochet. I have some lovely sock ideas for this. I also picked up a new project called By the Seine River designed by Dona Knit Designs. I am too scared to rip out 100 Acre Woods sock project so I rationalized that having a new sock project was the next best thing.

Sock Challenge:

Solid Socks-bannerMy new sock obsession has led me to Ravelry’s SolidSocks group. This group is awesome because they have 2 separate challenges– one sock is based on theme/color and the other is a mystery KAL with a guest designer. I think this is the best way for me to stretch my sock knitting wings. I’m working on By the Seine River as my themed ‘artic’ for the Northern Lights in Auora Borealis >>>stop by my project page to see picture and matching yarn<<<


A Hundred Acre Woods– in timeout, pending ripped heel

Elwood– timeout

Falling snow– cast-on, but no progress

By the Seine River— one leg, heel turned

Newest Knit Obsession:

I just discovered a new knit sock designer Hunter Hammersen, whose design skills are  extraordinary. ‘Violently Domestic‘ is where she blogs, sharing her beautiful designs. Her newest book is called Curls (shawls galore). I entered her giveaway last week for a dream skein of blue from Vice to make her [badass] sock called ‘Gramercy‘ design. Anyone who knows the pains of having large feet and can design socks that look spectacular will always get my vote. So my latest obsession has me violently knitting a new pair of socks.


YoP- Week 9 Dramatic Update

wpid-wp-1439344295652.jpegHello Knit Friends,

Ever have a week where nothing exciting happens? Actually knitting is the only thing that makes me hysterical (i.e. ‘dramatical’) [made-up word]. This past week I was consumed with trying to cast-on toe-up socks. I believe I tried three times by myself and twice with help from my LYS friends. I’m using Plucky Feet and during my second attempt I made the sock as big as a small hat.

100 Acre

I wasn’t as focused this week because I got super excited about discovering a holiday stocking called Falling snow. This is definitely going on my ‘to make list’. I have yarn to make a ‘practice stocking’. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I figure it won’t kill me to start a practice one first.

Falling snow stockingWorks in Progress:

I didn’t get around to working on Elwood or Khuno cowl this past week. Applying for jobs has taken all of my energies during the week. I have completed 3 applications so far. Writing a cover letter gives me so much anxiety– I’d almost rather Kitchener my hand made socks. I’m trying to remain positive and I feel better once I change the location of my current job. A rare benefit to my work commute is that I have time to knit, but after a while I prefer to just work closer to home for my sanity.

I am working on A Hundred Acre Wood socks from Alice Vu. I am completely smitten with the sock. I love it so much despite it being a toe-up design. I ripped it twice, but I am determined to make it work. I finished 2 books in the Allison Brennan series. When I find a great murder-suspense series it’s hard to share knitting time.

100 Acres Socks

Knit obsessions:

  1. The sign of a devoted knitter is when they discover holiday themed knit projects. I’m proud to confess that I have contemplated making an NFL cowl with the Scoreboard KAL with partnership with designer Michelle Hunter and Skacel Collection, Inc. The idea of it is great, but I have so many other things that I don’t want to half-way do the project.
  2. I have stalked a new-to-me designers. I’m like a dog with a bone when I find a badass knit design. Francoise aka Arohaknits on Ravelry has keen artistic eye. The layout of her website Arohaknits is impressive, fresh, and inviting. Her choice in colors and lace patterns work for me. Her presence on Instagram is spectacular. She’s working on a design right now (see pic below) Arohaknits