YoP- Week 8 Update


Hello Knitting Friends,

I am a believer of positive thinking can change the course of a challenging situation. In sharing my belief about the power of optimism, I am very satisfied with the feedback from the regular readers. I am enjoying this the YoP weekly updates project, which has led to another milestone an increase blog readership


This week I am working on 2 new socks. Hundred Acre Wood is an interesting design. It is also toe-up (my least favorite way to make a sock), but the beauty of the lace captured my attention. It is also a project that I cannot be tired while knitting. I would not characterize this one as a knit-while-traveling project. I learned a new stitch technique called M1. I searched YouTube with M1 knit continental.


One of my knit golden rules: knit what makes you happy. Put headache knits in timeout.

Since my first love is colorwork and I was born in Germany, I was inspired to a new sock project called Herringbone from Keel (Germany). I also grabbed from my stash so it’s a win-win. The colors are cool a variegated green and a brown. This will definitely keep me entertained. I don’t really have a progress report on WIPs because I haven’t felt motivated to pick them up again. I will probably use Labor day to re-start the baby cardigan. I hope to have a picture of my progress for the Herringbone sock later this week.

Herringbone Design
Herringbone Design

Happy knitting friends!!!

Yours Truly ~ Sockhussy2


A Good Sock Hussy

Photo credit: Urban dictionary

Hi Knitting Friends >> I changed my Ravelry name to SockHussy2. I am old name was Fierybug08. My new name is a better name and I might as well embrace my sock hussy ways. And since the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that Maryland will be experiencing a harsh Winter– might as well lean into my talents. I have recently found another great sock challenge. I found this challenge in Ravelry called The Canadian Crazy Train, a sock challenge that appeals to me because you don’t have to be a veteran sock knitter. This will be a fun activity to do and one less goal to make.

The following aspects of this challenge include:

  • Sock train routes are country specific
  • Only one sock is knitted during competition
  • Canadian sponsors
  • Registration Oct 14-Dec 21, 2015
  • Crazy Train departs Jan 1, 2016 for 8 weeks
  • Meeting new knitters

I am back on a yarn diet. I think I will start a money jar for purchasing holiday yarn. Since I joined Instagram, it has become harder to ignore all that beautiful yarn. I have a growing list of sock yarns that I want to try. Knit friends, what factors do you consider before making colorwork or textured socks?

  • Biscotte & Cie
  • Tanis Fiber Arts
  • Lorna’s Laces Soul
  • Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk
  • Colinette Jitterbug
  • Patons North America (Kroy Socks 4 Ply/Sock Stripes)

I am still trying to figure out my next sock project. I am trying to find a textured or color- worked sock to capture my interest. Below are a couple of potential projects:

Tradescantia Zebrina; Keisarin Morsian.
Tradescantia Zebrina; Keisarin Morsian.

YoP- Week 7

wpid-wp-1439344295652.jpegHello knit friends,

This weekend seemed to go by slowly and for that I am very grateful. I managed to complete a project this weekend. I received many congratulations and increased positive ‘knit sock street cred’. Addicted to Sock Knitting FB group is one of my favorite and responsive communities. Every Wednesday is ‘promotion’ knit related things such as yarn and accessories. I’ve had a fairly decent experience.

Facebook moment: 177 likes on Addicted to Sock Knitting FB group
Facebook moment: 177 likes on Addicted to Sock Knitting FB group

Now that I have no new projects…except that small and pesky WIP pile. I just can get myself ready to start something new. Many times after I finish a project, it seems that I feel sad. Sad that the project is over and feel lost because my hands aren’t clutching needles. And I’m probably stalling because I need to finish a fair isle cowl. I’m trying to avoid size 10 needles. Isn’t that so silly?!?

Country Visits_8-12-15

I am happy to report that with my continuance of the Year of Projects knit journal I was able to increase readers. I was happy to see my friends from Canada, Ireland, and U.K. I’ve never been to any of these places, but I would like to put it on the map. With all these socks that I’ve put on my wishlist, this is another great reason to no only make them but wear them in those new cities I plan to visit.

WIP on deck:

Both projects have been casted on at least one time unsuccessfully. I am going to give the Khuno cowl again, but the Elwood cardigan will probably need a couple of private knit lessons in order for me to stay on the right track.

Khuno (cowl); Elwood (cardigan)
Khuno (cowl); Elwood (cardigan)

Knit obsessions:

I think on a monthly basis, I’ll probably showcase ‘new-to-me’ projects that I would like to do. On my blog reader, a knitter showed a Christmas sock she completed. Her #22… It’s gorgeous called Falling Snow Stocking. These next two are lovely projects that I want to do NOW– My wife loves this hat. This is a rare occurrence so I am definitely starting this. Maybe I can get it done by her bday in October. As for this AMAZING sock– gansy sock. I discovered these socks this weekend in Country Weekend Socks by Madeline Weston.

Pop Fizzle (brioche hat); Gansy sock
Pop Fizzle (brioche hat); Gansy socks

Knit Socks: 3 Great Reasons

Hello Knit Friends,

I have discovered an obsession to sock knitting several months ago. I have completed my fifth pair and I’m just getting warmed up. Last weekend I jokingly made fun of a heel knitting technique. I commented on a knitting group board that I wasn’t going to try a particular technique because it was over 4 pages long. So now I am politely eating my words as I printed out the directions. The finished projects look nice with this heel technique so I think I should just take a chance. The jury is still out on the outcome of the technique, but I will share soon about how I feel about it.

Why am I so crazy for socks? Here are 3 GREAT reasons

  1. Too many Ravelry sock knitalongs (KALs).Foxes in Socks and Stitch Addiction (view episode 73) podcasts is sponsoring a Single Skein wonder KAL for September 1-30, 2015. Some yummy prizes.
  2. Sock Challenges
      1. Found a new challenge Sock Sniper. IT’s for a great cause. I don’t know how I discovered it, but it is really cool. It’s almost like a mission impossible and death by knitting. You make a small contribution, receive a doisser, a pattern, then mail it to ‘the target’. The only extra challenge is that it is a global wide challenge. A great benefit is that you can sign up as a non-combatant participant and still get to see the actions of everyone around you. I hope to participate next year as an active agent. Here are the FAQs here. Deadline for sign ups: Registration will close on August 23, 2015 at Midnight (Central Time US) and for Non-Combatants on August 31 at midnight.  Battle will commence on September 1, 2015.

    Sock Sniper
    Sock Sniper
  3. Yarn Clubs– There are so many yarn clubs. Madelinetosh has both a yarn club and sweater club (Magnolia Society)– I have done the yarn club for the last two years. I like Madelinetosh because you get to vote on which colorway group that you choose. A new yarn club company I discovered is called Northbound Knitting (NKB). NBK has 6 separate yarn clubs which are open now. There are many more yarn clubs and a great way to justify ‘growing your stash’ organically. I also like getting small prizes throughout the year and being surprised.

So knitting friends…what’s share some of your joyful sock knitting moments? Is there a knitting sock technique that has you hooked? What’s your go-to sock yarn? What’s your all-time favorite sock book? Who is your favorite sock knit designer?

My Sock Favorites:

  1. Yarn club: Madelinetosh (Magnolia Society)
  2. Joyful Sock memory: modifying a sock pattern (heel) Almondine Socks
  3. Sock Yarn: Tempting Ewe (local yarn)
  4. Sock Pattern: Rose City Roller
  5. Favorite Sock Book: Socktopus by Alice Yu
  6. Latest Sock book acquisition: Custom Knit Socks
  7. Sock Designer: Kate Atherley  & Susan B. Anderson

YoP Post- Week 6


Hello knitting friends,

I am finally getting over an extended illness. Summer colds are the worst and I am thankful to be almost back to normal. The amount of meds are astounding, but the end result of breathing with ease is indescribable. 

My new blog adventure involves documenting my knitting journey each week. I can’t promise I’ll be on point each week, but making 3/4 weeks out the month is a more reasonable goal for me. I also realise that if I want this blog to flourish I will need to be a pluralistic knitter. My monogamous knitting ways are numbered.


Project sock: Simple Skyp socks using Madelinetosh sock. I’m using 2s with a modification at the gusset. The instep decrease stitches are using size 1s. I am making size 64. The Skyp stitch demands a larger needled size and this yarn provides great definition.

Book fancination: this week’s library book rental includes sock pattern madness. I purchased Sock Architecture a couple weeks ago on sale on Knit Picks.


Pattern lust: I have added several new shawl patterns and one new hat pattern I found as a knit gift. This will be included in an upcoming post.