WIPWed #1 A Star is Born

Hello Knit Friends,

First…shout out to Alicia M. of Woolen Diversons her July 15th post marks her 100th WIPWed, which prompted me to switch gears to start my own. For those knit friends who are new to my blog, I have recently ‘fallen down’ the sock knitting rabbit hole. It is so easy to do once you learn the basics of socks.

Almondine pattern using Madelinetosh Coquette.
Almondine pattern using Madelinetosh Coquette.

Two weekends ago has probably been the most enjoyable and productive– knitwise. I managed to finish two pairs socks. Three months ago, my partner told me she didn’t want socks. She’d prefer hats. When I finished the Rose City Rollers, I let her try them on. “Ohhh these are sooo soft.” I should have known I was going to get suckered. In the kindness of my heart, she now has a pair of socks that she will wear around the house. Is it too premature to predict that she will have some requests in the future for handmade socks?

When the heel arrives...a star is born.
When the heel arrives…a star is born.

Back to my WIP– Almondine pattern by Anne Hanson is from the Sock Knitting Masterclass book. It is the best, most recent resource that I’ve used to learn how to knit socks. I have made a couple of modifications to the pattern. Almondine has a plain garter stitch heel that I wasn’t too thrilled about– so of course I made a small change. I chose the sl knit/sl purl gusset with the short row heel. I’m all about things being sturdiness when it comes to clothes. I also made the sock cuff shorter by only repeating the lace pattern 3X. This pattern ideally uses 3 dpns, but I am using 2 dpns and 1 short circular needle for knitting the lace pattern on the instep. I find it easier to navigate and the stitches aren’t crowded on the dpn. These socks are for my mom so I am hoping that the math is working itself out. What’s on your needles? What’s you favorite sock yarn?


3 thoughts on “WIPWed #1 A Star is Born

  1. Andi July 15, 2015 / 10:47 PM

    Ah, yes the rabbit hole that is sock knitting! It is amazing how easy it is to become addicted to sock knitting, right? Then you did what we all do, we make a pair for loved ones and unknowingly create monsters. Monsters that now must have those socks. 🙂
    Your sock progress is fantastic. Enjoy the wild ride!

  2. amyflorence July 25, 2015 / 3:28 AM

    Sock knitting is SO addictive!! My current favourite sock yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Sock – it’s so squishy (technical term!!) and soft – and comes in tonnes of beautiful colours!

  3. Amy July 25, 2015 / 3:32 AM

    Sock knitting is SO addictive! But it’s super portable too, I’ve always got a vanilla sock tucked in my bag when I’m out and about! My current favourite sock yarn has to be Hedgehog Fibres Sock because it’s so soft and squishy (technical term! 😉) and comes in fabulous colours!

    Soon you’ll have a whole drawer full of beautiful socks!

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