SockLust Madness

Hi Knit Friends,

I’m in love….well that’s nothing new. I’m always in love, but more specifically >>> with handmade socks. I love socks. I sleep in socks. I make socks on public transportation. Socks make me happy. Every holiday I can count on my sister to gift me socks. One can never have too many. I accept this new obsession and no one will ever have to question my knit passions. Give me saturated colors (minus pink), textures, twisted stitches, and endless stitch markers.

Today…I want to share a photo collage about socks that I am crushing on. I don’t subscribe to any knitting magazines because I have never found one that has spoke to my heart. Normally it is just one pattern that I find in a magazine that gives me heart palpitations. Prewitt Socks by Kate Atherley. I had to do two pictures because the bottoms are striped. Talk about a bad sock (in a  good way). All the socks in this post are in my queue just waiting for me. It would be selfish of me not to share such beautiful sock patterns. Some of my virtual knit friends have me hooked on socks…so it’s only fair to entice them with pattern options. I have a verbal agreement with a knit friend to make the coffee Gimme Socks as a Fall KAL.

(Left to Right) Vörå-Inspired Arm Warmers, Committee Socks, Jumping Jacks, Prewitt Socks, Gimme Coffee
(Left to Right) Vörå-Inspired Arm Warmers, Committee Socks, Jumping Jacks, Prewitt Socks, Gimme Coffee

I’m itching to do some stranded colorwork with socks. The construction of the Prewitt socks bring me joy. How super are stripey socks bottoms? I can’t wait. I already have one skein of brown, but the colorway looks like a dark brownish green.

P.S. I would like to thank onemilljellybeans for inspiring this blogpost. Her Committee socks gives me life. I will never sleep again. What’s on your sock needles?


One thought on “SockLust Madness

  1. Andrea @ This Knitted Life July 9, 2015 / 10:22 AM

    Fun! Your feet thank you. Plus I bet your knitting makes your fellow public transit passengers smile.

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